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This story is about Patrícia Bull, a young actress. Do you remember her as Sara in 'Grande Aposta' and Inês in 'Terra Mãe'?

Well, she is my cousin!

Do you want to   a few photographs of her? Click on the door    to photo album    and enter her small 'photo album'!


While you are reading about Patrícia, you practice the simple present and the present continuous. You remember them, don't

you? Of course you do! They are a part of the 6th grade program. Be sure to click on all the alternatives. No cheating, all



To read the story, just follow my instructions. Click on one of the verbs forms. . . and see what happens. It's very simple. Are

you ready to start?

All right, then! Get on your surfboard and. . . start surfing through the story!