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Dear John,

Do you practice any sport or activity? I am a very special case, because I don't like doing many times the same sport. My mom says a sport it's to be doing a lot of years! I think is monotonous, so I like doing vey sports.

I did formative gymnastics, but I think all those exercises are boring (to me it was difficult to do the perpendicular). Next I did swimming, but I don't like the exercises of my teachers. I love diving. Later I think I was good at tennis (I am very good to hit, because I hit with a lot of force and the adversary don't keep the ball).

At this moment I want to do windsurf. I like the sea and the wind. When we connect these two elements, we have a perfect combination with a lot of fun.

Send me a letter to say how is your sports life.

Hugs,  Miguel

(7. A)


Dear friend,

I play football because it's fun and it keeps me fit.

I haven't any team. Sometimes I play football in school with my friends and I would like to play against others sports schools.

I practice other sports as swimming and badminton, and I do activities as running, because its really important to exercise to keep healthy.

My life is very agitated.

Good-bye, friend, till tomorrow!

Luis Matias (7. A)


Hi, friend! How are you? Im fine. Do you know that I play hockey? Yes, I play it three times a week.

Hockey is cool. I play it because it's spectacular the things we can do with the stick! We can dribble and make 'amazing' things in the air with the ball.

Bye! See you later.

P.S. - In hockey we have to be very good with the skates and I'm one of the best.

André (7. A)


I like running in the school days, because it is fun, and when I reach my top speed, it makes me feel like I am a professional.

There is an activity in which I'm very good at: it's jumping. I know that I can jump a long distance.

João Luis (7. A)


I play football with my friends. I play this fabulous game everyday in th school.

I'm not the best football player of my school, but I play very well. Sometimes I score goals, but other times I miss the ball. Football it's my favourite sport.

Tiago (7. A)


I practice swimming. I usually swim 3 days a week after school. I love swimming, because the water is cool.

I practice swimming also to keep healthy. My friends see me as a champion. I like this!

Sónia (7. B)


I practice swimming once a week after school, because I like swimming and the water. I like to dive underwater.

Sofia (7. B)


I practice swimming. I usually practice twice or three times a week. I do this because I like water, I like the sport and to have something to do in my free time.

Vanessa (7. B)


I play football because I like. I play on Saturday and Sunday evening with my friends usually in a pitch.

I also like playing tennis with my friend Sandra. We usually play in the garden.

I also like swimming but I do not practise.

Anabela (7. B)


I play football in my free time because I think it's fun. I don't play football in a club team because it's far from home. We sometimes have mini-matches against other classes. I would like to play football in a club team one day!

Hulda (7. C)


I practice football. I do it because I like very much. . . Girls can play too.

I practice when they make a game or when they invite me. I defend very good.

I don't dream to be a crack to football.

Catarina (7. C)


I do exercise in school. I practise on Mondays and Thursdays. We play football, basketball, badminton, volleyball and gym. I do them because I train the body to be healthy, strong and agile, and it's part of the school plans.

I like to do gym very much because it has difficult exercises and I like this.

My teacher is called Clotilde. She is a nice amd good teacher.

Ariana (7. C)


I do ballet at Escola de Dança Ana Mangericão because I love dance. I practise on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I do ballet seven hours a week.

I have done dance for eight years. I have three subjects: classical dance, modern dance and tap dance.

Joana (7. C)


Badminton is my favorite sport because it's popular in China. I usually play badminton with my cousin every weekend in the morning. Sometimes we have matches and I'm always the winner. I love this sport because it can keep me fit, but especially because I have fun. I'd like to be a great badminton player!

Jing (7. C)


My favourite sport is ride a bicycle. I also love play chess. I like to cycle because it's a very good sport. It's very good for health, because there is a need for hands and feet. In China I ride a bicycle to school every day, because I like ride a bicycle.

I like play chess too, because it's a sport for the head and hand. I usually play chess on weekend with my father and my brother. I like play chess very much.

Peipei (7. C)


I practice swim because I love water. I usually swim once a week and it's very good to relax. My health improves when I swim.

I love diving and putting my head under water. My brother swims with me. I have many teachers and they are very nice. The swimming has hot water and it's very agreeable in winter.

Ana Cláudia (7. C)


I usually swim two days a week, on Wednesday and Friday. I swim because I love swim and I love water, too!

My family say I swim very well and my coach, too! I like my coach. He is cool!

I swim breaststroke and crawl, but I prefer crawl to breaststroke.

My dream is swim in the Olympics one day, like Emma, but is just a dream.

I think. . . I can say I am a real water baby (like Emma)!

Sara (7. C)


Since I was five years old I practice swimming in a private school. I practice twice a week (Mondays and Fridays).

I love swimming. It's very cool! It's very important for the health.

In the summer I go to the swimming pool and to the beach. I am a water baby.

Pris (7. C)


I practice karate. I do karate for 8 months. I have karate twice a week. My belt is yellow.

I do karate because I like. I di lots of friends and I learn something new. I learn to defend myself.

Sandra (7. C)


When I was ten, I start doing taekwondo. I used to have 3 lessons a week. My belt colour was yellow.

First my belt was white, after it was yellow and for the yellow belt I have two competitions.

I love do this sport, but in Portugal near my house there is no place to practise.

Mónica (7. C)


I am Tiago. I have 12 years old and I study in Parede.

In my free time I like to play football, but my real sport is hockey. I am goalkeeper of my team. I play for Salesiana in Estoril. I practise hockey twice a week. I play hockey because it is my favorite sport.

Tiago (7. C)




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