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Subject: Hello Teacher

I saw you in the school, but I think you didn´t  see me.

I am happy because you are not angry!J

Yes,I go to Moldova this hollidays,in August.Q6

I think our blog/plog is very coolC

How about you, how are you?  [Ana Maria]



Subject: Re: Hello Teacher

Hi, Ana Maria!

No, I didn't see you!    Why didn't you say 'hello'? I only saw André and Ivânia.
I'm glad that you like our blog/plog. What do you really like?
It's great that you're going to Moldova in August! How long?
I'm fine and resting a little.
Hugs from your English teacher



Subject: I didn't say hello

Dear teacher, I didn´t say helloI because you were in Educação Musical class with 2 teachers and a student.

I was with Hugo,Iff you saw him,I was back(atrás).It was at 9:03.

I am sorry.Good bye from your student Ana.






Subject: screenshot

Thought you might want to have this screenshot in case you didn't
take any.
Aiden, you might want to forward it to Joy. I haven't got her
email address.


Subject: Re: screenshot

Dear Ale,
How very sweet! I didn't take any, so it's a very nice souvenir. :-)
I'm going to include a link to
your blog and tell my kids to try the
exercises. Then they can send comments. I wonder how many will keep in
touch over the summer.
I can't find the link to the Have Fun English blog, just a link to
Interactive story
. Thanks! I've forgotten to use it with my students.


Subject: blog

yes, I added a link to the exercise at the beginning of the year when we
were dealing with Present Tense. Is it OK if I add a link to the main
page of your blog? I will if you think it is ok. I love the idea of your
kids using the activities in my blog!

I have talked to my students about you and your class so maybe in
September, when you start classes with a new group of students we can
arrange to have an e-mail exchange with this 6th grade class. Our school
year runs from March to December so I will be having the same kids.



Subject: Re: blog

Good morning, Ale!

Of course you can add a link to the Have Fun with English main page.
Regarding an email exchange with your students, let me see what classes I have next year. If it's only 5th grade - absolute beginners -, it may be very hard to do till December. But... let's wait and see.  :-)
Have a great week! Hugs,


Subject: your amazing audacity project

Hi again Teresa,

I've just put a post with link to your amazing online chat with Aiden in my blog. I haven't had time to learn how to do it yet, but I want to try and teach my students how to do it. I think it's a great motivator, look at your students, so young and so good! Congratulations.  [Click here to see the post!]
Are you all on holidays? We are going to have 2 weeks hols starting 3rd July. Winter here, though. The Algarve would be nice!
Have a great rest,


Subject: your amazing audacity project

Dear Rosa,

How very sweet of you! What a nice surprise this message has been! It's made my day! Thank you!    I'l certaily post it to our blog.
I'll try to include a step-by-step mini tutorial of how I did it, which is very simple though it doesn't mean that it's the best way. But it worked! I'll also include a great tutorial I came across yesterday. So look for an upcoming message over the weekend, I hope.
The school year ends today, but I will only start my holidays on July 21 till Aug 31. I'm planning on going down to the Algarve for about 10 days. The rest will be spent at home.
Enjoy your short holidays!


Subject: the end


Dear teacher!

I am happy to meet you, and I am feel longing. [I miss you.]

You are a very good friend, and ...a very good teacher!

I loved our blog/plog- really, he has many activities, and it is cool.

 I want to say thank you for :Aiden Yeh, Dennis Oliver,Alejandra Weser,Dafne Gonzalez,Mary Grove,Tommy, Wojtek and Agata,Teresa D´Eça,Rodrigo and everyone who saw owr blog/plog and send messages.And....... teacher, my parents saw your video e-mail and they said you look nice.


Subject: the end

Hello, there!

Before I reply to (= answer) this message, I need to know who sent it. Please don't forget to write your first name. No surname. You can also write the class.
See you!
Teresa Almeida d'Eça


Subject: messages

Teacher, if you are angry(zangada) because I didn´nt put the name in my messages, I am sorry...sorry!

If you are not angry,may you answer at my messages, please?

I am Ana Maria and I wish you a nice Hollidays!


Subject: Re: messages

Dear Ana Maria,

Of course I'm not angry! 
I'm very glad that you clarified (= esclareceste) this. Now I can put the message in our blog.
Are you going to Moldova these holidays?
Keep in touch, all right? I love getting messages from my students. Happy holidays!!!
Hugs from your English teacher


Here is the "how to" on Audacity to explain how I used it to record the class voice chat with Aiden and Agata at Yahoo Messenger.

In advance:

  • Download Audacity (I suggest that you open a specific folder for it);
  • Download the lame mp3 encoder (into the same folder) so that you can convert the audio files to .MP3;
  • Read Recording a Podcast to give you a great overview of the simple recording process and the configurations (most come by default);
  • If you still need extra help, take a look at Features, Screenshots, Tutorial and FAQ.

During the session:

  • Open Yahoo Messenger and start a one-on-one chat or conference with your guest(s);
  • Activate Voice and check the audio;
  • Open Audacity;
  • When everything is set to start the recording, click the pink Record button in Audacity and start talking;
  • When the session comes to an end, click the yellow Stop button;
  • Save your file
    • Click File > Export as MP3 (takes up much less disk space)
    • Click OK in the "Edit the ID3 tags for the MP3 file" window; OR,
    • Click File > Export as WAV (takes up more disk space than mp3); OR,
    • Click File > Save Project (allows for editing).

After the session:

If you save the file as Project, you can edit/make changes to it: trim, silence, tone, amplify, echo... However, you will also need to save it as .mp3 or .wav to make it audible, because "the Audacity Project format is not currently compatible with any other audio programs" (Audacity Help).

Subject: grand finale for my students!

Dear friends,

I had the last CALL lesson yesterday and I prepared a grand finale for my two classes: their first ever voice chat with Aiden and Agata. I recorded them with Audacity and then converted them to .mp3. Your Windows Media Player should be configured to open all audio files. Open WMP and Tools > Options > Files Types > Select All > Ok.

The files are heavy, but I think they're worth listening to. The students who chatted did a wonderful job!

Rodrigo spent the afternoon sending me messages and also his second video mail. We also had our first text and voice chat in English at MSN. He is very, very special!

Hope you take a look and enjoy! I'll post your messages in the blog!




Subject: Re: grand finale for my students!

Boa tarde, Teresa!

I saw (and heard) Rodrigo's video message. To go with the surprise you
had for him and his classmates, he had a nice surprise for you, too!

I also listened to the voice chats with Aiden and with Agata, Tommy,
and Wojtek. How wonderful!

I truly enjoyed hearing Pedro and Rodrigo as they chatted with Aiden,
and I also enjoyed hearing Teresa, Guilherme, and Jaime as they
chatted with Agata and her sons. What wonderful memories your students
will have of this experience in international communication!

I hope all of your students have fun during their vacations! I hope
the same for you and for Agata and her family!

Thanks, Teresa, for sharing your last CALL lesson with the two
sixth-grade classes. I'll keep checking your class blog. It's become
one of my very favorite websites!

Very best wishes from Phoenix--



Subject: Re: Re: grand finale for my students!

Bom dia, Dennis!

Muito obrigado! I really enjoyed your comments and your enthusiasm for the
class blog!

I think that for a first time experience and for 2nd year EFLers, the five
students did a great job during the voice chat. They had no previous
preparation. It was a complete surprise when class started.

I do hope that these two years will stay in their memories forever. We had
such diversified activities that it's hard not to have reached most of them!

I feel happy, because I think that I succeeded in opening up their horizons
while they had fun learning English and handling new technologies. I showed
them different software they used hands-on and can continue using, I created
activities they enjoyed and can keep on doing, etc. Best of all, some of
them will stay in touch. Rodrigo and Pedro L. were chatting with me just
now. This is a fabulous dream come true!  :-)




Subject: Re: Re: grand finale for my students!

Hi, Teresa.

Bom dia for me, boa tarde for you!

My comments were de coração (I'm guessing at how to
say this). You and your students have done outstanding and
groundbreaking work.

"...the five students did a great job during the voice chat."

I feel exactly the same. It's one thing to practice words and
phrases used in class, but something else entirely to react to
spontaneous questions and comments. Your students did quite well with
that. (I would probably have "frozen up" completely!)

"I do hope that these two years will stay in their memories forever...".

I have the same hopes for your students. What you did was much
more than increasing their English-language proficiency. You also
enabled and empowered them, through use of English, to build skills
they can use in English and any other language. What a precious gift!

You have every right to be happy and to be pleased with the
success both you and your students had.

The next time you chat with Rodrigo and Pedro, tell them I said "Oi,"
OK? (I got a kick out of listening to Pedro's comments in the
background. I often couldn't understand him, but I knew he was full of
enthusiasm and that others seemed to enjoy it when he kidded around.)

Abraços--both for you and for your students!

D. O.


Subject: thank you!  :-)

Dear Aiden and Agata,

Thank you so much for having made my day and my students' day! What an experience! I don't think they'll ever forget it! The sound of the recordings is fabulous, but the files are heavy!
I've been updating the blog and it should be ready later this evening, because I still need to include messages that Rodrigo sent me all afternoon, including a video mail - how sweet of him! We also had our first one-on-one text chat-turned-voice chat in English at MSN. I feel so sorry for not having remembered to record it.  :-(
And I also had a first text chat at MSN with Pedro L., another student from 6F.
Agata, please thank Tommy for me and tell him that it was a great surprise for me too his being there for us!  :-)
Million hugs both,


Subject: Re: thank you!  :-)

Dear Tere,

It was a great experience for both my sons, too. They were thrilled to be able to talk to our friends in Portugal! It was also fun for me - your students were so sweet!
Wishing you and your kids fabulous holidays and well-deserved rest,
Agata and Tommy


Subject: Hi!

Hi teacher!
I' m sending you a message to question if you want my msn contact to we talk
in the moment...

Do you??

Bye,bye nice holidays.......


Subject: Re: Hi!

Hi, Rodrigo!

Yes, I'd love to have your MSN ID so we can talk "live" (= ao vivo), in real time!!! Mine is
Did you enjoy today's CALL lesson: talking live with Aiden and seeing her through her webcam?
I loved it! I think it was "a grand finale" (= um grande final), as the Americans say, don't you?
I'll put the audio files/recordings in our blog this afternoon.
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: hi again!

Teacher isn't it you mail ..."". Isn't it that to you
talk in the msn?


Subject: Re: hi again!

Rodrigo, is my Yahoo Messenger ID and is my MSN Messenger ID.

If you want to download Yahoo Messenger, go to
Hope you are successful!
In the meantime, I'll open MSN Messenger and see if I can add you.
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: I have a surprise for you!

Hi teacher!
I hope you like this message:

- Take a look to it....

After you see this tell me how is it ok?

Bye bye and
nice holidays from your student Rodrigo


  type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage=""


Subject: Re: I have a surprise for you!

Dear Rodrigo,

What an unexpected and fabulous surprise! I    loved seeing your cute (= gira) smiling face saying that nice message on our last day of classes! Wow! I called my husband immediately to come and watch you video mail. He loved it too!
You are a very special student and one I will never forget. 
Please ask your mother if I can also put this message in our blog.
Million hugs from your teacher


Subject: Yes teacher!

Yes teacher... my mother said you can put my video message in the

Do you have very work?? If not do you can go to the msn messenger to we talk "in the moment"??

Bye bye... Rodrigo



Rodrigo and I logged in to MSN Messenger and we had our first one-on-one text chat in English and then a voice chat! This is something very special!

An hour ago my husband helped him get his computer prepared to listen to the .mp3 file. It's almost eleven p.m. and I have just finished updating the blog. Rodrigo is still online at MSN with me - he doesn't have classes tomorrow! - waiting for me to tell him that his video is up! Isn't this something?



Click me!

Ana Luisa's CALL 12

voice chat

CALL lesson 12 this morning was another very special and memorable experience for 6F and 6G, and... for me! Why? Because of their fist time ever voice chat in English and in class!

On Sunday I invited Aiden in Taiwan and Agata in Poland, because during the past two years my students interacted with their sons. Fortunately, they would be at home at the set times, so they accepted at once! Wow! What a surprise for my students!

A voice chat can be scary for some people, so I didn't know how 6F would react. They saw all the equipment set up and the webcam resting on the lid of my laptop. I asked them to guess what the BIG surprise was going to be. A game? A video message? Chocolates? (so I said "cyberchocolates"!!!) A visitor/guest? A mystery guest? SitePal? (were the things they came up with). Well, I said they were close when they hinted a (mystery) guest!

"Who could it be?" I asked. Aiden! Dennis! Dafne! Ale! CJ! Agata, Tommy and Wojtek! (were some of the answers). Then I showed them a picture of Aiden and they said her name at once! There were excited smiles on their faces!!!

I was online with Aiden at Yahoo Messenger in advance. We had tried the sound. We only forgot to try the webcam, though mine was already on. But we quickly took care of that. I recorded the whole chat with Audacity and then converted the file to .mp3.


The different windows at the beginning

When I started the recording, I explained that a couple of students would be talking to her (Pedro G, the "clown", and Rodrigo). Then she greeted my students and the excitement increased when they saw her face on the screen and then a view of Kaohsiung, the city where she lives. Too bad I didn't have time to take a screenshot! So many things were going on at the same time that I forgot!! [A few days later Aiden sent one!]

Pedro G.






Aiden and Teresa


Besides talking to Aiden, seeing her different expressions on the screen was something very exciting for them! I wonder what was going on in those young heads during the whole session!

Well, I don't need to describe anything else. The recording says it all! Enjoy! I already have. 


A heavy MP3 file (~16 MB): 17 mins.


Before the lesson came to an end, I told them that I was very happy to have given them this chance to try voice chat in English. And then I reminded them of everything I had said in Estudo Acompanhado, our first lesson of the day, and "thanked" them once again for everything they had made possible, because without them, my ideas and work would have been in vain. They deserved all the praise! (I was on the verge of tears, as I am now!) I also gave them my Yahoo and MSN IDs and hoped that they would stay in touch. A final reminder about this: 40 years later, I am still a good friend of an American Math teacher, Marcia Perlmutter. I stayed with them in Los Angles in 1996 and visited them again in 1999. And I hope to visit them in Arizona. "So", I said, "these friendships are possible! I hope you don't forget this!"

What "a grand finale", as the Americans say! It will stay in my best memories!!

* * * * * * * * * *

6G came in at noon and the surprise was half gone, as I suspected. They pretended they didn't know about it, but I'm sure they did.

We also did a guessing game and they hinted more or less the same names. Well, since Agata was already waiting for us online, I quickly explained that they had to click the green "Talk" button while they talked and release it (= soltá-lo) when they finished.

The voice chat started with Agata saying a few words. The big surprise, even for me, was that Tommy was with her and said a few things in English. And so was Tommy's younger brother! Thanks for the very pleasant surprise, Agata!

Teresa was the first student to talk with Agata. Guilherme followed and finally Jaime, who speaks a bit low. [I only have one screenshot!]



I believe they weren't feeling as comfortable as 6F, but they also did a good job. However, as is usual in this class, there are always 4-6 students who don't behave their best, so I had to intervene and ask them to please behave so that we could hear everything!

I'm sure they also had a wonderful time! Here's this second recording!


A heavy MP3 file (11 MB): 11.5 mins.


I hope that some of these kids don't ever forget this incredible experience of the CALL lessons and this blog! I know that I won't!


Subject: new material on your website

Hi, Teresa.

I really like the most recent additions to your class website. I enjoyed hearing Raquel and the flute players perform "Ode to Joy," I appreciated Rodrigo's thank you message, I saw and heard your introduction to the last CALL lesson, and I listened to the concert with the CD several times. What fun! I think the last day of school is going to be a fantastic experience!

Please give my best wishes to your students. I hope to keep in touch with your classes regularly.




Hi, kids!

Our blog was down for a couple of days last week and most of the weekend. On Sunday, at about 5 in the afternoon, I was able to get everything "back to normal" after working for about 5 hours! I'm happy that my BIG Website - 271 MB - is all back on the Internet after a serious problem on the server.

Tomorrow is our last CALL lesson. I have a BIG surprise for each class, 6F and 6G! Because it's a surprise, I have to keep it a secret! But I'm absolutely sure that you'll really enjoy this very special lesson! If anyone wants to start guessing, just send in the messages with your craziest ideas!! And let's see if anyone comes close!!!

I already feel like crying because I'm going to lose and miss such wonderful students! I hope that at least some of you will always keep in touch with me. You know where to look for me and I know where to find some of you! I have your email addresses!

Enjoy tomorrow's lesson!


Subject: our blog is working again

Dear Rodrigo,

Our blog (and all my Web site) is finally working again! Your video is there and working. It takes a little time the first time you listen. Be patient!
Dennis has seen it and said this: "Please tell Rodrigo that I thought he did a fantastic job!"  :-)
See you on Tuesday!
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: your website

...Please tell Rodrigo that I thought he did a fantastic
job! (referring to his video message)

Hugs right back—and if you're in touch with 6F and 6G again, my best
wishes to all of them!

Congratulations on having your materials restored!

D. O. (Dennis)


One day, during English with 6C, I heard that Raquel played the piano quite well and I asked her if she would play something for me to record on my computer and then include on the this blog. She agreed and we made arrangements for this afternoon during their Music lesson.

I didn't have an opportunity to have CALL lessons with 6C, but I didn't want to end the school year without some work of theirs on this blog.

Off to school I went, on my free day, with my laptop and webcam, to do the recording. At the last minute, several other students asked to accompany Raquel playing the flute. What a surprise!!! The way it's filmed is on purpose. I don't show the faces, because I didn't ask for permission from the parents in advance.It may be a slow to load, so please be patient! The sound quality isn't good, but I'm very glad to have this souvenir of 6C. Enjoy!


  type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage=""


Next, 6B joined 6C for a rehearsal for the show on the last day of school. Here's the medley (mix of songs) that played on a CD while they accompanied with their flutes, sang, hummed and clapped. The sound isn't the best, but it's pleasant to listen to. It's long, so it may take a little while to download. Please be patient!

I really enjoyed this session! 



Click me!

Click me!

Click me!

Ana Luisa's three CALL 11 drawings

CALL lesson 11 went on as expected through the local network connection. For 6F it was a little different, because there was a special guest: my colleague, Maria José, who accepted my invitation to join us. As usual, 6F behaved well and had time for everything, though we borrowed 5 minutes from the Math class for Rodrigo to record his video email.

First they heard my first video message telling them what they would be doing. It was recorded the evening before at home.


  type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage=""


They started with the interactive Geography game (Click Web Games (top) > Geography Games > Geography Web Games > Click here for Europe > European Geography Level 3 - Intermediate). It was a success. Ana Luisa was at the keyboard. All she needed to do was use the mouse to drag each country to its place inside Europe. Attempts weren't always correct, but the game helps: it puts a red spot in the correct place, so you only have to drag the country into it. Ana is very calm, so she kept her lady-like poise in spite of the excited hints coming from all sides of the classroom: up, down, left, right, not there!

Next it was time to read Dennis' text message and watch his video email. They enjoyed both! It's always special to associate a name to a face and to a voice message! And they looked at some of the sites Dennis sent about Arizona. They were amazed with the photos of the Grand Canyon!

Then they took a look at our interactive map to have an overview of the worldwide spread of friends and teachers who had interacted with them these past two years: from North and South America to Europe and Taiwan! Fantastic!

Finally they wrote a group "thank you" message to everyone who collaborated with them. Susana was at the board writing it and every student was copying the message in their exercise books. Then Rodrigo recorded the voice email. Oh, I forgot to say! I took the webcam with me for the second time. Rodrigo felt a little nervous to be in front of a camera. He wasn't happy with his first recording, but he was happy with the second. It's great! Take a look! [I have his mother's written permission.]

  type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage=""

Rodrigo saying 6F's last message


Before leaving for her class, Maria José said a few words to the students. She was very well impressed with their work and complimented them on their good behavior, enthusiasm, level of participation and... English! What a compliment, 6F! 

* * * * * * * * * *

6G followed the same plan and had the same enthusiasm with the Geography game. However, they are always much more agitated and less disciplined, so Nicole had a bit of a hard time at the computer dragging the countries around with so many different hints going up in the air. Their collective knowledge of Europe is less good than 6F's, but I admit that it made things more fun, though noisier. There was true excitement in the air with all the guessing going on!

They felt sad when we had to move on to Dennis' message, video email and sites about Arizona. But thye also enjoyed everything!

After looking at the interactive map and seeing most everybody that had interacted with them, they wrote their final "thank you" message. Patrícia was at the board! Lots of cute ideas!

Subject: thank you  :-)

Hello, friends!

"Thank you" all for your collaboration in the interactive map and our blog.
We liked meeting you along these two years, but next year we don't have the same teacher, because we go to the 7th grade. But we like our English teacher.
We hope you send more messages in the future.  :-)
Bye-bye from 6G



What can I say? I had a wonderful time and was really happy that Maria José enjoyed the experience. I hope she will feel enthusiastic about doing a small CALL project with her students next year.


Subject: Students' blog updated

Dear Teresa, I spent about an hour looking at your class blog. I agree that the links Dennis sent are great. I had seen the National Parks one, but the others I added to my favorites.  I will try to find some kids webpages for Japan that I once had.

I see now what you were trying to show us in the last chat about using video with your students. I heard the children play and watched them too. I also heard the language lessons in Portuguese and the phrases in Chinese by your students. Bravo! Are your students primarily learning English with other languages added due to friends and connections all over the world? I will have to look at sound bytes again to make a recording for your class. I also got a webcam recently and I think I can make short videos too.

In reading about the blogs about your lessons, I found some useful exercises like the one Find the countries, nationalities, etc. and the geography game. They might be nice to add to the the lesson webpage I made.

Thanks for including me in your lesson. Mary


Subject: Ode to Joy


I heard your students playing "Ode to Joy": it was really nice. I 
found myself whistling along--in harmony!

The more I see of your student pages, the more impressed I become! How 
lucky they are! How lucky YOU are!

Ate logo--

D. O.

Subject: Ode to Joy

Olá, Teresa.

I forgot to say, in the previous message, how much I enjoyed the
handwritten thank-you notes from your class. How precious!

You should've seen the smile on my face when I read them!

D. O.


Subject: tests

Hi, Rodrigo and João Vasco!

I hope you are enjoying the last part of a loooong weekend!
I'm happy with the tests. In general, they are better than the last one. Rodrigo, your grade is lower than usual, but don't worry abou it. João Vasco, your grade went up significantly, to the level I expect from you.  :-)
I will show the tests in Estudo Acompanhado tomorrow and we'll correct them on Wednesday, because tomorrow is our "next to last" (= penúltima) CALL lesson.
Hugs from your English teacher


Hi, kids!

I am preparing a presentation for my friend Dafne's Architecture students (university!) about the Vasco da Gama Bridge. When I did some searches for pictures of that area before the Expo '98, I saw a page about Expo '98 that shows pictures of Olharapos, Peregrinação (Pilmigrage) and Acqua Matrix. Do you remember the text we read about them? Take a look! (Portuguese version)

Enjoy the loooong weekend!


Subject: our blog is very interesting

Hi teacher.. How are you?
I send you a message because today you said I don't send you a message a
long time ago so... Here I am.

I have to say it again.... our blog is very good and very interesting.

I hope to the next tuesday we can do a message to our friend Dafne with the
program : " windows movie maker".

Bye bye ( I'm going to study to english now...) ;-) :-)


Subject: Re: our blog is very interesting

Dear Rodrigo,

It's great to get a message from you and to read such nice words about our teacher-student blog! 
I hope to have time to experiment with Windows Movie Maker for next Tuesday. I'm sure that it will be fun. And I'm positive (= absolutely sure) that Dafne will love a message from you all.
Please ask your parents for permission to record the video and for me to put it in our blog.
See you in class on Thursday.
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: Re: Re: our blog is very interesting

Dear Rodrigo,

I just played the Geography game with the map of Europe and loved it. It's a great way to learn where the countries are because we have to drag them to their correct place. I also love the way they make us correct a wrong place: with the red contour of the country in the right place.
I only knew about this game for the United States. Thanks for telling me about this site for Europe. "May we do this in the next CALL lesson?" you asked. Of course we can!!! And we can also look at the sites that Dennis sent us about Arizona. It'll be another excititng lesson!  :-)
Can I ask you a question? How did you know about this site?
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: Re: Re: our blog is very interesting

I don't no teacher.... my mother send me a message with this program and the
first person I think can like this is... you!!!!

How are the tests?? ;-)

Hugs from... Rodrigo and Joao Vasco...(we are in rodrigo's house ritting
this message)


Subject: Re: Re: our blog is very interesting

Hi, Rodrigo and João Vasco!

You sent this message a few minutes ago exactly when I came to my laptop to
check email. I have been on the veranda correcting tests. I have seen your
class, but I don't have the scores (= points), so I don't know how you did.
But I will give you an idea during the weekend, all right?

Rodrigo, how very sweet of you to think of me first about that wonderful
Geography and Vocabulary Games site.

Don't forget to go see our blog with all the new things from Tuesday's

Give your sister a kiss for me tomorrow and send "Happy Birthday" to her.
Have a great party!!!

Hugs to you both from your English teacher


Subject: Re: Re: our blog is very interesting

Thank you teacher!
My sister is thank you for that lovely message you righted a few minutes

Bye-bye... hugs from rodrigo


Subject: teacher.... I hope you can like this...

Teacher I know one very good game to you.

Go to the site :, then go to web games, then go to
geography games, then click :" click here for Europe" and then click in
Europe geography level 3 - intermediate ok??? it's a very good game. You
just have to click in the country ( on the left) and then to put in the map
you just have to drag (arrastar) the country to his place. After you did
this game, tell me about him ok??

May I do one question?

(Do we may do this in next "Call Lesson")??

Bye bye.


Subject: Re: teacher.... I hope you can like this...

Hi, Rodrigo!

It sounds like a very interesting game, but I'm so tired - it's almost 11:00 p.m. - that my head isn't working anymore. I need to go to bed and sleep.
I'll try the game tomorrow when my brain is working properly.    And then I'll send you a message about it and about playing it in the next CALL lesson.
Guess what? My friend Dennis sent you all a video message. I'll try to put it in our blog tomorrow. And he also sent some sites about Arizona for us to see. Interesting, isn't it?
Mary also answered your messages. So many new friends you all have all over the world!!!
More hugs from your English teacher


Click me!

Ana Luisa's CALL 10

Click me!

Susana's CALL 10

There was a qui pro quo while I tried to set up everything during the break: the cable that connects the video projector to my laptop was missing from the bag, so I was running all over the school looking for it. No luck! I had to use the old projector with a much lower, meaning worse resolution, especially when we are already used to the new projector. The kids in 6F were having a few problems reading some of the smaller fonts, when a colleague from the Board comes in with the life-saving (!!!) cable. I changed projectors at once and class went on as usual.

CALL lesson 10 was quite exciting! Both 6F and 6G had the same tasks to carry out. They started by reading the class plan and then looked at our interactive map. It wasn't hard to find the two new entries in the United States. They were quite interested to see Mary Grove's and Dennis Oliver's photos, and to hear that they had been "students of mine" (their smiling eyes opened up wide) in an online course in May. Both classes sent Mary and and Dennis a "thank you" message.





Subject: Hi Mary and Dennis [from 6F]

Hello Mary and Dennis!!

Our teacher spoke very well about you!!
We saw your pictures in the course and your messages in the interactive map and we want to "thank you".
We wait for your comment in our blog/plog.
Good bye from 6ºF!!!
P.S. - Please excuse their calling you by your first names. It's easier and faster, and they're always going against time in class.  :-)


  Subject: Re: Hi Mary and Dennis

Hello Mary and Dennis!!

Hello 6F! It's wonderful to receive e-mail from you!

Our teacher spoke very well about you!!

That makes me happy! Teresa is a wonderful teacher. I admire and respect her very much.

We saw your pictures in the course and your messages in the interactive map and we want to "thank you".

You're very welcome.

We wait for your comment in our blog/plog.

And now you have it!

I have enjoyed reading your blog/plog.

I'll send you some information about where I live (Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.)

Good bye from 6ºF!!!

Bye for now!

Ate mais ver!



Subject: Re: Hi Mary and Dennis

Hi 6F, I enjoyed the blog/plog and will try to go there soon to write a message and see new things that have been added. Do you have any questions for me about Arizona (where I live now) or Japan (where I used to teach)? I will be happy to answer them for you. All the best, Mary


Subject: Thank you [from 6G]

Hi, Mary and Dennis!

How are you?
We are in class with our teacher Teresa.
We love CALL lessons because we learn more things while we Have Fun with English and we work with one computer of our teacher.
Thank you for your messages on the Interactive Map. :-)
We hope for new messages in our blog.
Bye-bye from 6G.
P.S. - Yes, Dennis, this is the second class sending you and Mary a message.  :-)


  Subject: Re: Thank you

Hi, Mary and Dennis!

Hi, 6G. This is Dennis.

How are you?

I'm HAPPY--because I got your message!

We are in class with our teacher Teresa.

Teresa is a wonderful teacher! I admire and respect her very much.

We love CALL lessons because we learn more things while we Have Fun with English and we work with one computer of our teacher.

Yes, CALL is a fantastic way to learn!

Thank you for your messages on the Interactive Map. :-)

You're very welcome!

We hope for new messages in our blog.

And now you have my first one!

I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Bye-bye from 6G.

Bye for now.

Ate mais ver!



  Subject: Re: Thank you

Dear Class, Thanks for your email. I really liked the class blogs. I will try to go to the website soon to learn more about you and your lessons. I want to get some more ideas for the students I  teach in Flagstaff. Right now, I am subbing (coming in when the regular teacher is sick), but in the future, if I have my own class, maybe we can have an exchange. For now, bye, Mary





  Subject: short video

  type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage=""

           From Dennis for 6F & 6G


Subject: Re: short video

Boa tarde!
Here are some weblinks (better than photos, I think) that your
students might enjoy:

a fun, interactive page for kids with animation and sound effects:

a page from the U.S. National Park Service on the Grand Canyon

Governor Napolitano's 2005 "Arizona Treasures" Tour (lots of commercial
material, but still interesting)

Abraços! (Is that the right word? I'm guessing!)

D. O.


Subject: something more for your students

Hi, Teresa.

I thought your students might also enjoy the attached map (from the
U.S. National Atlas). It shows Arizona in brownish orange in the
southwestern section of the map: north of México (beige) and bordered
by the U.S. states of California (purple), Nevada (green), Urah (blue),
Colorado (purple) and New Mexico (yellow).
Phoenix is in the south central part of Arizona (see ).

D. O.



Then they saw the "Ode to Joy" videos. Finally, it was time for the big surprise: Dafne's video mail to them (see 6Jun below). Since it's recorded low and the classroom is big, I had to repeat what she was saying. 6F wrote up a "thank you" message for Dafne, which João Filipe recorded with HandyBits. (I'll try to change to Windows Movie Maker next week!) 6G didn't have time to reply to Dafne because they sent 6F - the performers - a "congrats" message.





Subject: Thank you Dafne

Hello Dafne!!

Thank you for our first video message and for your nice comments about our work!!!
Next week we will try to send you a video message with the "windows movie maker".
The bell is ringing. We are going to have Math.
Good bye from  6ºF
P.S. - João Filipe recorded the message. [Click icon on the left.]





Subject: congrats!

Hi, 6F.

Congratulations for your flute videos!
See you in a while.
Bye-bye from 6G



There was no time left for the interactive exercises. I guess it was too ambitious a plan.

It was another lively class with most of the interaction in English, as usual. It's fabulous how much the students understand and how much they can say. However, most times they need to be "forced" into it. It seems that they don't recognize how much they already know or maybe are ashamed to make mistakes in front of their peers!

When my Maths colleague came in for 6F, I asked for 5 more minutes so that they could finish Dafne's message and record it. After class she commented that she was amazed at their language level and pronunciation. It's nice to hear these things. Thanks, Ana Rita!  




Subject: to Tere's students

Dear Tere, this is for your wonderful students!



  type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage=""




Subject: to Tere's students

Dear Daf,

What a great idea! I'm sure my students are going to love your video message as much as I did! Thank you!  :-)
The CALL lesson for tomorrow is already prepared and I will upload it later this evening. Everything is working in Preview, so it should be online too!!!


Subject: my students' blog [to baw2005]

Dear All,

My students blog (or is it a plog??!!) is getting nicer by the day. And, since we are fast approaching the end of the school year - June 24 -, I thought that some of you might like to see what's new - May was very exciting! - and maybe send some last messages.

They were very excited to be talked about in Dekita, and always feel very proud and happy to know that teachers from all over the world talk about them and send them messages.

I think that they will never forget these CALL lessons and their work with the blog. Anyway, it's something I will always keep online for their reference.

Hugs all,



Subject: "crazy boy" is online! :-)

Dear Pedro,

I hope you are having a nice weekend. I have just updated our blog and your "Crazy Boy" is there. It looks great! Take a look at it and all the other things! Show your family!  :-)
See you at 10:30 tomorrow for another English class.
Hugs from your English teacher



This is Pedro G's (6F) "Crazy Boy"! I don't know if it is anybody I know. I don't think so. I only know that Pedro is a very active student, who needs to be doing something all the time. In class last Thursday he made this drawing. When I walked past him, I saw it, liked it and asked if I could put it in our blog. There was excitement in his eyes and that special on his face!

Thanks, Pedro, for a nice drawing! Next time you can draw something related to our CALL lessons. Maybe the way you "see" those lessons. You're always so enthusiastic!  



Subject: SitePal message from Bruno (6F)

hello teacher how are you ? I hanven't seen you in your cafe in the morning... it's nice to see you




Subject: Re: SitePal message from Bruno

Hi, Bruno!

Thanks for your SitePal message. I love your avatar, but I can't understand your voice message.  :-(    Did you listen to it before you sent it to me?
Please let me know (tell me) what is wrong, all right?
Hugs from your English teacher

P. S. - Bruno, I'm in the café every day from Monday to Friday, but early. I guess you haven't seen me, because I've been inside all the time. It's too noisy outside.


Hi, kids!

Today was World Day of the Child, but there was no special celebration in school that I know of.

I mentioned this special date in 6G's lesson and they referred to it when they opened the lesson. It was the only class I had today, because 6C went on a study visit to the recently opened Museu da Presidência da República (Museum of the Presidency of the Republic) in Palácio de Belém.

How did you spend this first day of June, dedicated to all children? Did any of your teachers say anything? Was there a special celebration in any of your classes? Did your parents have a surprise for you? Why don't you send a message telling me something about it?




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