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Subject: e-Card fromSusana

(Click the image to see the animated e-Card)


Subject: e-Card fromSusana

Dear Susana,

Thanks for your very cute "bunny" message.   He does so many sommersaults (= cambalhotas)! He's a very good gymnast!!!
See you in class on Thursday for the test!
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: The holidays

Ther holidays are about starting: In a side is good: there is rest, etc, but in other side is bad because I don't see my friends and the teachers. To me the teachers are our friends, and the English teacher is one of them.

Teacher, do you like holidays?

Good Bye, teacher!

Patrícia (6. G)


Subject: Re: The holidays

Hi, Patrícia! The Easter holidays start in two weeks. Teachers and students sometimes need a rest from school.

Yes, it's nice to have holidays. I love them!    But I don't always rest. I sometimes work too much.

Of course teachers are students' friends! And I'm very happy that you look at me as a friend, Patrícia. Thank you!

Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: sorry

Teacher I'm sorry.

I like very much your site but I never go to computer. My father is always working in the computer. But today is a special day. I write an email for you.


I'll be back.

Teresa (6.G)


Subject: sorry

Hi, Teresa!

Yes, there was no message from you for a long time (= há muito tempo)!  ;-)  Thanks!

Is it my blog or "our" blog? It's ours, isn't it? 

When your father is working at the computer, why don't you aks him to send a short email? I'm sure he will say "yes"!

Have a nice weekend!

A kiss from your English teacher


Subject: homework?!

Hi, Rodrigo!

How is the long weekend going?
Is HandyBits already working? If not, why don't you uninstall it and download it again? Maybe it'll solve the problem. I miss your voice emails!
I'm preparing tomorrow's lesson and I think I changed the homework at the last minute, but I didn't write it down. Can you tell me what it was?
TIA (thanks in advance).
See you tomorrow at 8:30 in Estudo Acompanhado.
A kiss from your teacher


Subject: how are you??
Hello teacher how you ??
I'm sorry don't writte a letter at very time, but I (nao conseguia) open your pag in the Internet!
I like very much what we are studie in English (Present Continuous).
A kiss of your student
Sara ( 6ºG)


Subject: Re: how are you??

Dear Sara,

Thanks for your message. You weren't able to open the blog page, right? That sometimes happens (= acontece). You need to go back later.
It's great that you like the Present Continuous. It's very often used in everyday conversation, you know.
Do you think that you understand it well? And do you understand the difference between the S Present and Pres. Continuous? It's not difficult. But you need to pay attention. 
Have a nice loooong weekend!
A kiss from your English teacher


Subject: request (= pedido)

Hi, Susana!

Guess what? I listened to (= ouvi) a presentation by an American colleague, Anne Davis, a while ago and I talked (= falei) about your message to me yesterday and my answer you through email as an example of tutoring/mentoring (giving individual help) students online.
My question is: can I post your message and my reply/answer to our blog? Is that all right with you?
Send me an email and let me know, ok?  :-)
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: Hello

Hello, teacher!

How are you?
I`m fine, but I`m not understanding the S.Present and Present Continuos.
I need to talk to you about classes when you can.
See you Monday.
A kiss from Susana to you


Subject: Re: Hello

Dear Susana,

It's the difference between Presente do Indicativo (Simple Present) and Forma Progressiva (Present Continuous). SPres. is for habits, routines, things we do normally (every day/week/month/year) and the Pres. Cont. is for things happening (= a acontecer) now, at the moment we are speaking. For example, I am answering your message (something I am doing now), but I don't receive messages form you every day, week or month. Right? Other examples, Susana.
I update (= actualizo) our blog almost every day, but I'm not updating it now. I'm writing to you. 
We have English three times a week, but we're not having English now, are we? However (= no entanto), I am writing in English to you.
My advice (= conselho) is: study the examples we did (= fizemos ) in class, the sentences in Quiz 7 and the correction, and Unit 9 (SB & AB). Remember to read the dialogue about the football game.
This is what you need to know about use (= utilização) of these two tenses (= tempos verbais), when to use one or the other. But then you have to know how to form them, the structure (= estrutura). You need to study that. It's the same for all verbs.
In your message you say "I'm not understanding...". In English it's "I don't understand...", because we can't always translate directly.
Why don't you send me a few examples in Portuguese and English during the weekend? I will help you through email. Is that a good idea?
Susana, remember that there are no classes on Monday.    or   ?
Send me a meesage when you have a problem with English, ok?
A big kiss from your teacher


Subject: my message for you

Hi teacher...

I was seeing and listening the messages in our blog.I loved it very much
I know that I am late to write you a message and I'm sorry, but I tried before
to send it to you but it was not possible.
I want also tell you that I did almost all the games and activities on the blog,
the last thing I did was "Fire Works" it was amazing...

Its nice to study like this...

Kisses and hugs

Bruno 6ºF


Subject: Re: my message for you

Hi, Bruno!

I'm glad that I finally received this message from you and that you like the
messages in the blog! There are so many this month and from so many
diffferent parts of the world!  :-)

Good for you for doing the activities. Yes, Fireworks is beautiful!

It's very nice to know that you like to study like this. You have made my
day! Thank you!  :-)

I'm going to update the blog with your message in a little while.

See you in class tomorrow at half past eight.

A big kiss from your English teacher


Subject: Sorry,teacher

Hello, teacher forgive me, because I don`t write to you.

I know that you worry with me and all the class.
So I`m writing this letter for you can forgive me.
I wish you a nice day.
                                     FROM:Guilherme 6ºG


Subject: Re: Sorry,teacher

Hi, Guilherme!

What a sweet message! Thank you! It feels good to know that you got (= recebeste) my message in class this morning. 
Guilherme, it's because I like my students and worry about them that I say the things that I said (= que eu disse) in class today. I'd like you all to enjoy the blog, see how many teachers are writing to you and take part in the fun. I'm sure you will write a very nice message to my friends one of these days. And how about trying HandyBits? You will love it! And then you can send voice messages to all your friends and family!
See you in class tomorrow.
A big kiss from your English teacher


Subject: She lives in a beautiful city!!!

Hi teacher!
I'm sending oyu a message to you say at your coleague...she lives in a
beautiful city!
My favorite place is the municipal theater,because it´s big and very


Subject: Re: She lives in a beautiful city!!!

Hi, Rodrigo!

I will tell Mrs Weser about your voice email to her and upload it to our blog. Next time, if you like, you can speak directly to Mrs Weser (or any other friend of mine that sends you all a message), but send it to me, all right? I'm sure she would love that.
I agree with you that Bahía Blanca looks like a beautiful place. The Municipal Theater looks very nice!
See you in class on Thursday!
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: about Bahía Blanca

Hello kids,
I thought you might want to see what Bahía Blanca, the city where I
live, is like. Here are some photos of the city. One is the "Paseo de
las Esculturas" one of our parks.It has a long cycle path and teenagers
meet here at weekends.
The second is our Municipal theatre.
Then you have a city street, early in the morning, that is why it is a
bit dark.
The last is our main Plaza or square.

Regards from Argentina

Mrs Weser


Subject: Re: about Bahía Blanca

Dear Ale,

Thanks so much for such a nice message and the pictures. It's nice that they
know a little about other places.

I'll try upload everything tomorrow. But I'll tell them in class before
that. Whet their appetite!  ;-)




Hi, kids!

Ten days ago, in class, I told Rodrigo and João Vasco about HandyBits, a very simple and easy-to-use program to record voice emails, and then send them to me and your friends in an email.    Let me explain how easy it is.


To download HandBits

  • Click HandyBits
  • Click Voice Mail (on the left)
  • Click Download Now (in the new window)
  • Click Save (in the little window)
  • Choose the folder (= pasta) to save it in
  • Click Save
  • Click Close when the download is complete
  • Doubleclick vmSetup (the HandyBits file)
  • Click Run (in the little window)

To start recording voice messages

To record smaller (in bytes) files
  • Open HandyBits
  • Click View/Ver (menu on top)
  • Click Options/Opções
  • Click Enable GSM compression/Activar a compressão GSM
  • Click Compress message after recording/Comprimir a mensagem depois de gravar

To record

  • Click the Record/Gravar
  • When you finish, click File/Ficheiro and Save As/Guardar Como
  • Give the file a name and click Ok
  • Click Play/Reproduzir to listen to the recording

Hope this works for you! Happy recording! And don't forget to send me a message!


Subject: see the blog  :-)

Hi, Pedro!

Take a look at our beautiful blog and see what my colleague Liana says about the message you recorded in class yesterday. Congrats! Way to go! (= É assim mesmo!)  :-))
Have a nice weekend!
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: Re: see the blog  :-)

Hi teacher i go to blog and i see the beatiful message from your friend from
give her from me many hugs and kisses and thank her for the message!

hugs and kisses from a student who likes you.

[Pedro L.]


Subject: Mensagem de voz (= voice email)

 [from João Vasco]


Subject: Re: Mensagem de voz (= voice email)

Hi João Vasco!

The presentation went very well and my colleagues liked your voice emails very much.
Go to our blog and click Bettina's blog (2/11/05). She is a teacher from Argentina. Read what she says about the presentation and our blog!
Thanks for your voice email.
Have a nice weekend!
A kiss from your English teacher



Here is another message from Rita, a dear friend and colleague who visited me here in Parede last month. Read what she says about our meeting face-to-face and her visit to Portugal.


Teresa and Rita Subject: message for your students

Dear Teresa's 6F students in Portugal,

I´m a teacher of English in Rosario, Argentina, who travelled to Lisbon to meet your wonderful teacher Teresa last month. We had been meeting online for 3 years but never seen each other f2f. This was our first time together, and we enjoyed our meeting vey much !! We also met Joao, Tere's husband, and Pedro and Miguel, their two lovely boys. We spent some days together and shared dinners and outings...we felt sooooooooo happy!!!
We loved your country !! We visited Lisbon and Parede, where Tere lives, and then drove to Sintra, Obidos, Nazare, Alcobaça, Batalha, Coimbra, Aveiro, Porto, Viana do Castelo, Braga, Guimaraes, Evora... You must be proud of living in such a beautiful country !!
And now back in my place I listened to your teacher´s  presentation online,  it was fabulous !!! CONGRATS on your work !!! I'm going to show it to my students so that they imitate what you have done so well...;-)))
A hug from Argentina,


Hi, kids!

Read the comments two of my colleagues made about your class message yesterday!


Subject: Re: [baw2005] voice email from my students

Thanks for sharing!  I think Pedro L. did an excellent job recording
the class's message.  His voice was very clear and his pronunciation
near-perfect. Bravo!
Hugs from cold Canada,


Subject: Re: [baw2005] voice email from my students

Dear Teresa,
I have just hear your student's message. What a sweet voice!


Subject: Hi teacher!

Hi teacher!
Our blog is nicer every day.
I want to thank to your Italian coleague for her nice words.


Subject: Re: Hi teacher!

Hi, Rodrigo!

This is very sweet of you! My friend Susan will love it!
Listen to the message my friend Daf sent you all after she listened to the message Pedro L. recorded in class for you all.
I agree that our blog is nicer every day. And I have you and all others to thank for that! You're super students!!! 
A big kiss from your English teacher




Subject: Voice message

Dear Tere,

What a lovely message. After listening to it, I run to record a message     for your wonderful students.


Dear Leanne, Linda, Daf, Alejandra and Bee,

My 6F students wrote a message for you in class this morning and then Pedro L. was chosen to record it. Click to listen to it! They heard Leanne's and Bee's messages, and saw Bee's Carnival photo taken about 10 years ago! Right, Bee??!!  ;-)

I'd also like to tell you that Rodrigo gave a very good impromptu presentation, mostly in English, for his colleagues and me about his long weekend in Madrid with his parents, sister and godparents. Congrats, Rodrigo! Way to go!



Yesterday afternoon I gave a presentation online (= fiz uma apresentação na Internet) for a group of English teachers that Mrs Dieu / Bee is working with. I told you about it in class, remember? It's about "our" work with this blog. Everybody liked it very much!

The presentation, called "Have Fun with English!", is on the Internet (link above, on the left). [It takes about 30 seconds to download.] Take a look at it and tell your parents to look at it, too. I'm sure they will like to see your teacher talk about their children's work! I'm so proud of you all! "Thank you all" for making this possible!!!  


Rodrigo, read the comment (below) that a colleague of mine in Italy made about your voice messages!


Subjects: blogs alive

...I heard Tere's student (Rodrigo?) in his voice message...he is an international "personaggio"!!

talk to you later
Susan in Florence


Subject: (Hi teacher) Madrid it´s a beautiful city....

Hi teacher!
Madrid it´s a beautiful city.
But I go to tell you more on next class.
I'm so happy to tell you something of Madrid.

VImP: I will include the text a.s.a.p.


Subject: Re: (Hi teacher) Madrid it´s a beautiful city....

Dear Rodrigo,

Thanks for sending a voice message as soon as you arrived from Madrid.
Listen to my voice mail to you and the suggestion I make. Will you accept
it? I hope so.  :-)


Your English teacher



Below is a voice email from Mrs Barbara Dieu, an English teacher in São Paulo, Brazil.

She is a friend of mine and also a Webhead in Action, as I am. Listen to it very carefully. See if you can understand everything. She also sent a very cute picture and she talks about it!

Have fun!  


Subject: Voice message

Hi Tere,
A hug to all the kids in your class. Here goes a
   message and a photo to
include in your blog :-)
Beijinhos do Brasil,



VImP: I will include the text a.s.a.p. (as soon as possible)


Subject: Re: Voice message

Dear Bee,

Thank you!!!! What a wonderful voice message and picture of you! How very
cute! My kids will love it!
I will try to have them record a message for you and another for Leanne in
class on Thursday. It's going to be lots of fun!  :-)
I'll also try to upload everything tomorrow, because I must go to bed now.
It's been a long day!
Aquele abraço! Fiquei muito sensibilizada!



Subject: hi teacher ...

hi teacher how are you ?

I´m so fine ...
Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons kiss from Ivânia ..   


Subject: Re: hi teacher ...

Dear Ivânia,

I'm fine, but tired. I haven't really had holidays, because I have been at the computer all day, every day. But... I love what I do! 
What did you do at Carnival? Did you put on a costume and go to a party, or to a parade (= desfile) on the street? Please tell me in a message.
See you in class at 8:30 tomorrow!
A kiss from your English teacher


The day of voice messages!  :-)

What an exciting day this has been! I received 3 voice messages in my mail. One is from my colleague and friend Leanne, in Canada, and it's for you, my dear students! The other two are for me from João Vasco, in 6F. I sent him one, too!

João Vasco also sent a very nice animated song that you all know, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

Everything is below. Enjoy! I did!!!


Here is João Vasco's first voice email using HandyBits! (Click the icon on the left.)


And this is his second voice email!


And here is my voice email to João Vasco to thank him for his messages. I used Horizon-Wimba voice email software.


Here is the animated song The Lion Sleeps Tonight that João Vasco also sent! Notice the fun the dog is having and the hippo's expressions!  ;-)



Here is Liana's voice message  to you! I will write the text as soon as I have time.



Hi, kids!

I hope you are having a nice and fun Carnival break / holiday! Well, I'm at home, far away from all the Carnival confusion. I liked Carnival when I was your age, but I don't like it very much today. Maybe I would like Rio de Janeiro Carnaval!!! 

I have a short video to show you! It's about Piodão, a beautiful small village located in a valley (= num vale) surrounded by Serra de Açor (1.340 m), a very high mountain. It's very close to Serra da Estrela (2.000 m), the highest mountain in our country.

I went there with my husband and two sons in August 2003.

Click the picture below and then... be a little patient! It doesn't start immediately.

I'm sure you will enjoy it!

VImP: You need Windows Media Player 9 or 10!


(High resolution)

(Low resolution)


Comments from teachers


Teresa's intro


Student messages



Comments from teachers

Kids, here are the first messages to you, 6F, from colleagues of mine. "Where in the world" are these teachers?



Alejandra Weser

Subject: Tere's class

Hi Kids,
I am a teacher of English living in Argentina. I am doing a course with
your teacher, Tere, and she invited us to look at your work. I wanted
to tell you I think it is FANTASTIC! All your messages are really nice.
In Argentina we are starting classes in March. I will invite my students
of 6th grade to visit this page then and leave comments for you.
Congratulations and keep on having fun in English.
Mrs Weser
Bahía Blanca, Argentina



Dafne Gonzalez

Subject: Re: my students' messages

Dear Tere,

I have just listened to Rodrigo's voice messages, isn't he cute? I
love them, he sounds so enthusiastic that I am sure others will
follow his lead after listening to him.

Keep it up, girl!!!!


Daf :-)  [Venezuela]



Leanne MacKenzie


Subject: Message for Teresa's Students

Hello to all Miss Teresa's students,
When I read your messages I saw that you like Carnival, learning English, and your teacher.  I think you have a wonderful teacher who will help you learn English by using computers.  That is almost as much fun as Carnival.
Sending you all hugs and kisses from Canada,
Your friend,


Linda Wettlaufer

Subject: Great blog!!

Dear  Class 6-F,

Congratulations on the great work you did on your class blog.  I loved reading  about what you are learning in your English class and what costumes you will be wearing for Carnival.  I loved the picture of the happy and sad masks and most especially, I loved hearing Rodrigo's voice messages!  Rodrigo, your voice was very clear and strong.  Good work!
Your teacher shared your class's beautiful blog with the teachers in her online class who are learning how to use the Internet with their own students.  Seeing your blog will help us learn how to use blogs with our classes.  Miss Teresa is a wonderful teacher, isn't she!  Thank you very much, Class 6-F!  Good Carnival! 
Ms. Linda in Kuwait    




I really was impressed by your teacher-student blog. Your students' posts reminded me of happy days when I was teaching children only a little older than that in Greece.  They were so open, so enthusiastic, and made me laugh every day. 

Best regards,



Teresa's intro to her BaW 2005 friends


To all my BaW friends who visit this blog in the next few days, these are messages that my 6F class wrote in class this morning during the first period. This was a decision I took on the spur of the moment since it was Study Hour and they had no test ahead!

As an introduction and possible motivation, I told them about yesterday's blog presentation for BaW 2005 by Barbara/Bee Dieu, and also about the presentation I will give next week for Bee's Weblogging group, where I will be talking about our teacher-student blog to teachers from all the world! So... it would be very nice to have some newly-written messages.

I told them that they could write about anything they wanted and could clear any doubts they had. Believe me, there was little real help from me. They found most answers to their doubts with only very small hints from me!

It was very exciting to see how motivated they were, since they hadn't had one of these lessons in some time,  nor had many of them sent me any messages since last June.

I was very pleasantly surprised, because the messages are very cute and quite varied. But... I was in for a second surprise. In class I had told Rodrigo and João Vasco about HandyBits, voice email software that they could download very easily and send voice messages to friends. Well, when I got home around 4 pm this afternoon, I had Rodrigo's very first message in my mailbox. What a treat! But it was also very moving! I had tears in my eyes while listening to it. I must have listened about six times!

Hope you enjoy these messages from my second year EFLers (11 is the average age) as much as I have. Both the messages and Rodrigo's voice mails (a second one has arrived since I started keyboarding all these texts) have made my day!!!

Congratulations, kids! I'm very proud of you! 

P.S. - Messages to my students are very welcome, preferably in simple language that they can understand!


Student messages


This is Rodrigo's "first" venture into voice mail!

Subject: This program of voice message...  :-)

Hi teacher this program is very very fun.
Listen to it.



Subject: voice message

Hi, Rodrigo!

I'm so excited and moved (comovida) at the same time. This morning I told you about this voice program (HandyBits) in class and here you are sending me your first voice email this afternoon. Such fantastic students I have! Yeeesss!!
Thank you, Rodrigo! You made my afternoon!
A big kiss from your English teacher  :-)


Subject: Hi teacher!

I now now I´m very flat but I like it!!!
It's so fun!!!
Listen to that small message!!!!



Subject: Re: Hi teacher!

Hi, Rodrigo!

This has been a very exciting and fun afternoon with your voice messages!!!  :-))))
Can you clarify (= esclarecer) something in your message below? Please tell me in Portuguese what you mean by "I now know I´m very flat but I like it!!!" Is it your voice?
I love to hear you in these messages! Thank you!!!  :-)
Your English teacher


Subject: Re: Hi teacher!

I mean: Eu sei que sou "chato" mas eu gosto de lhe mandar as mensagens de
voz. [I mean: I know that I'm "a pain in the neck", but I love to send you voice messages.]
Agora a minha mãe já me explicou que "flat" é chato de "achatado" [Just now my mother explained that "flat" is a level surface.]
> Sorry about the mistake.
> Good bye.



Subject: Hi teacher!

Dear Rodrigo,

This happens very often with bilingual dictionaries (Port-Eng, etc). It's
really not your mistake!

To be "chato", as you mean it, is to be "a pain in the neck"! You never are! :-)

You can send me all the voice and text and messages you want and I will love
each one. I love to hear your lively, happy voice, because I see your
smiling face in front of me.

I have everything in the blog page already. Have you seen it? And I told all
my coleagues in the course about it! I am very proud of you all!  :-)

I hope to see you at school tomorrow!


Your English teacher


Subject: Hi, teacher!!!!!



Subject: Tommy and Wojtek


Dear Tommy and Wojtek,

Our class misses you!

We want you to send us some photos of your Carnival costumes, please!


Pedro G.


Subject: English classes


Hi, teacher! How are you?

We like very much the Englis classes. We learn a lot of things and it's very fun.  :-)

We're almost in Carnival, so we wish you a very good Carnival.  :-))


João Filipe, Pedro L. and Jorge


Subject: Hi, teacher!!!


Hi, teacher!!!

How are you? We are fine.

Our costume is a witch. And the teacher?

We will do many tricks.

Good Carnival!!!

Mariana D. and Verónica


Subject: Hello teacher


My name is Hugo. I like English, but it isn't my favorite subject, my favorite subject is Ciencias [Science].

We don't talk to our friends from Poland for a long time. When do we start?


Subject: Carnival

!!!!!! Carnival !!!!!!

Hi teacher!!! We are here to sepak about Carnival. Do you like Carnival? We like Carnival very much. In this year some of us will have a costume. Andreia S. will be a baby, Catarina will be a Queen, Andreia P. will a mummy [from Egypt] and Ivânia will be a Maths teacher. We love Carnival tricks. In Brasil people have differents costumes. They go to the street and stay there dancing all day.

We sen a kiss to you, and to all the teachers [meaning my BaW friends!  :-) ].

Andreias (2), Ivânia and Catarina


Subject: Hello!


Hello! How are you? We have a cold. The weather had been cold, but we always come to school in warm clothes.

Carnival is at the door, next week, and we don't have to go to school. Yuuppeeee!

Do you open the door to Cranival? It's a play on words!  ;-)

Goodbye. A kiss from Ana Rita,Ana Maria and Susana


Subject: What will be your costume?

Dear teacher,

Hello. Our names are Joana and Mariana C. We like you very much, because you are very fun. And very crazy!!!  ;-)

My favorite subjects are Science and English, and Mariana's favorite subjects are the same.

In Carnival my costume will be Cleopatra and Mariana's costume will be a pirate. What will be your costume?


Mariana and Joana


Subject: ???

Dear Teacher,

Hello! My name's João A. and I like very muc English. I'm eleven years old and my favorite subject is English. English is fun.

My favorite times of the year are Carnival and Christmas. That's all.



Subject: Carnival

The Carnival it's funny and fun. My costume is a ghost and I like very much Carnival tricks. My father's costume is a pirate and my mother's costume is a cook. My brother doesn't like Carnival, he prefer's playing the computer.



Subject: ???

Hello Teacher!

My name is Bernardo, I'm eleven years old and I like English.

My favorite sibject is English, Math and Cience.

I love Carnival treaks, and I love Christmas.

Goodbye, Teacher.


Subject: Carnival


The Carnival it's funny and fun, my costume is a monster.

I like many Carnival tricks.

In English we studied... [I asked if they would report on this! :-) ]

The verb have got and have;

The S. Present and the 3rd person singular;

The Gerund;

The jobs;

The Present Continuous and the S. Present.

André  :-)



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