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Hi, kids!


Click Aiden's blog and see what Aiden is saying about your messages to her, her messages to you and CJ's message to you. Who's CJ? He is Aiden's son, of course.

And guess what? CJ plays the flute! You do, too! At school, right? See and listen to CJ play La Cucaracha! He's great! Congrats, CJ! Way to go!!!


Subject: from CJ





This is my son, CJ, translating Hello, Good Morning and Goodbye.

I'll be doing another audio file for your students and will send it to you later.

Please tell your kids that I enjoyed listening to their voice messages and this actually gave me an idea to let my son, CJ, who is in Grade 5, to participate in this. This should encourage him to learn and speak English in a fun way! CJ actually spent 10 minutes practising the few words that he had to say. But choosing the Avatar was the most exciting part! We had fun doing it- this is definitely quality time spent wisely.

Thanks, Tere!



Subject: Re: from 6F




Hello Teresa and Kids,

Here's my audio translation of the news words that you wanted to learn!

The site pal link is at

of click the tiny url at

Here's a list of the translated words:

Hello (Chinese= Ni Hao), (Tagolog= Kamusta)

Good Morning (Chinese= Tzao An), (Tagalog= Magandang Umaga)

Good Bye (Chinese= Tzai Chien), (Tagalog= Paalam)

That's it!

Your kids asked how many languages I speak, I speak 3 1/2 languages :-) English, Chinese, Tagalog and spanish. I learnt Spanish in School, from grade school to College, but I never really had the chance to practice it outside the classroom. So, I know quite a lot of Spanish words, and I could understand written Spanish, but my spoken Spanish is terrible.

Thanks again and I look forward to another voice exchange!

I'm also blogging this, Tere!



Here's a summary of what happened in CALL lesson 4 this morning. 6F and 6G had the same plan.

6F was very motivated and well-behaved, and worked in a very disciplined way, while having lots of fun. They followed my suggestion for Aiden's message - two listenings -, and then moved to writing and recording the message. João Vasco was at the computer taking care of the clickings, etc, and Pedro G. was at the whiteboard writing the text they all decided on. He also recorded the HandyBits voice email for Aiden (see below). Then it was time to listen twice to Ramona's message, also recorded with HandyBits during my Wednesday APPI presentation on CoPs. They loved it and immediately came up with great ideas for the reply. João Filipe was at the whiteboard and João Pedro A. recorded it (see below). Congratulations to 6F for a great session. You did a lot of very good work!

6G is a more agitated group. There's always a lot of motivation and excitement in the air, but it's difficult for them to concentrate, even with something they love, so less is usually done in one session. They heard Aiden's message twice (André F. was at the computer), thought of an answer (they are much more creative and sensitive than 6F!), copied it in their notebooks while I wrote what they said on the whiteboard, and finally Teresa recorded it. It was a fun session!



Subject: from 6F and 6G

Dear Aiden,

Here are the messages that my students wrote and recorded in class this morning with HandyBits. Pedro G. represents 6F and Teresa represents 6G. I hope you enjoy them!
They heard your message twice and understood most everything. Then I showed them the text and had them think about a reply. They really enjoyed learning the new words. In fact, they enjoyed the whole class. You can see what they had to do at
Thanks for your reply in YM.



(click to listen to Pedro G.)

Subject: from 6F


Dear Aiden,

"Chéchia or Salamat" for your SitePal message.Now you are our Chinese and Tagalo teacher.

How do we say "Hello!, Good morning! and Goodbye!" in Chinese and Tagalo?

In Portuguese we say "Olá! Bom dia! Adeus!".

Obrigada! (Thank you!)

Hugs from 6F


(click to listen to Teresa)

Subject: from 6G


Hi, Aiden!

"Chéchia" or "Salamat" for your message and nice words.

How many languages do you speak? We speak Portuguese and just a little English.

What is your favorite food? We like Duck rice (arroz de pato).

Obrigada! (Thank you!)

Have a nice day!

Bye-bye from 6G


Subject: from 6F

Dear Ramona,

Here is the message that my 6F students wrote and recorded in class this morning with HandyBits. They heard your message twice and understood most everything. Then they thought about a reply and João Pedro recorded it. They really enjoyed the activity. I also showed them our photos at APPI.
You can see what they had to do at



(click to listen to João Pedro)

Subject: from 6F


Dear Ramona,

We really appreciate your message.

If you want, you can learn Portuguese with us. (Se quiser, pode aprender Português connosco.)

Adeus! (Goodbye!)

Hugs from 6F


Subject: Re: from 6F

Dear 6F,

Thanks so much for your reply.  I loved it!!!!!  You are very thoughtful and sweet to offer me some assistence in learning Portuguese.  I might just take you up on your offer ;-).

Let me return the favor by saying that if I can help you all in any way, I'm there!!!!

Have a great week,




Hi, kids!

Here's a fun site for those of you who like to construct things, all sorts of things, and learn when you do them. It's the Canon 3D Paper Art.

There are several topics: animals, kids, games & toys, science & nature, world architecture, traditonal costumes, and celebrations & holidays.

Take a look. Click their image on the right. I'm sure you will have lots of fun!



Subject: APPI Conference

Dear kids,

My presentations at the APPI Conference went very well. The first was on Wednesday afternoon. It was about the Webheads in Action, my Internet group, and our work as a community of practice. There were 30 people in the room, among them (= entre eles), my husband, a very close friend and two Portuguese Webheads. And there were 9 friends online.

The second session was on Thursday morning. It was about our blog. What a success! The face-to-face audience and my four online friends were extremely impressed by your work in 5th and 6th grade, and especially loved the voice messages. After the session ended, people stayed 15 minutes more, because they wanted to see how HandyBits voice mail works.

Ramona Dietrich, an American teacher and friend in the audience, recorded a for you. It's so sweet!

Listen to it! Click the icon above!

One last thing: I had a great surprise before the presentation started! My son, Miguel, showed up (= apareceu) to see "mom's presentation"! I was sooooo haaaaappppyyyyy!!!!      He was also very impressed by your work!


Enjoy the long weekend and send messages!

Hugs all!!!


Subject: Hi Teacher


Hello teacher
How are you?
Dear english Teacher, congratulations, our blog is marvellous.
It´s like the moon, pretty,big, and unique.



Subject: Re: Hi Teacher

Dear Ana Maria,

What a beautiful message! Thank you! 
I'm so happy that you like our blog, but the congratulations go to all my 6F and &G students, last year and this year, who have made this possible. Without your enthusiasm, motivation and collaboration there would be no blog!
My audience at the APPI Conference loved your work. They were very amazed at everything you have all done so far.
Have a wonderful long weekend and don't forget to visit our blog tomorrow to see new things.
Hugs from your English teacher

VImP: Ana Maria, there was a problem with your email address, so you didn't receive my email? Or did you?! >confused<


Subject: A good apresentation of our blog!!!!!





Subject: Re: A good apresentation of our blog!!!!!

Hi, Rodrigo!

You're so sweet! Thank you so much for your message! It's already in my presentation for Thursday morning, 9:30-10:30. Think of me and send some "good waves" ~~~~~~!!! 
You know, I'm more and more puzzled. Wheñ I got home this afternoon, I was able to hear all our SitePal messages. Two hours later, I couldn't hear a thing! And now they work again. 
On Thursday afternoon I will put up a message on our blog to tell you how both my presentations went.
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: the new program





Subject: Re: the new program

Dear Pedro,

Thank you! So sweet of you!  :-)
Your message is already in my blog presentation for Thursday. I will put the link to it in our blog and a message saying how it went.
Hugs from your English teacher


Hi, kids! I just got an email notification from Bravenet of a new entry to our map. It's Joana fom 6F. Here's what she says:

"Hi teacher.I love the interective map and I love the call lessons. Bye and good week!!!"

It's great to get/receive such enthusiastic messages, Joana, from students and from colleagues! Wow! You've made my day!




Subject: And the mystery is....

Hi teacher I'm Rodrigo , this is my new e-mail acount.

I found out what the phrase means.

A MYSTERY GUEST . The language is Wingdings isn't it?
My mother helped me.

1 st - I copied it to word.

2 nd - I changed the language to arial

And the mystery was gone .


Good bye... and have a good weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Mystery Guest  =  A Mystery Guest

Subject: Re: And the mystery is....

Bingo! Congratulations! Great work, Rodrigo! 

You're always so interested and active!! You're fantastic!!!
Thank you for the simple explanation. That's exactly it!
"The mystery guest" is helping me plan an activity for you all to find out in what part of the United States she lives in. I hope you will all enjoy it. But... only in two weeks.
Have a great weekend!
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: Re: And the mystery is....

Yes, the font is Wingdings!

Bye, Rodrigo!


Subject: request for help


On Apr 6 I created my first SitePal avatar with voice message for a lesson the following day, and then had two students create messages in class.
(Please look at 7Apr05)
That same afternoon and the following day, two students created their own messages at home and sent them to me. I heard them without a problem until 3 days ago, I believe, and couldn't hear them in class on Apr 14, either.
My question: Is there a time limit during which these messages are available online?
I've looked for the info, but found nothing about it. I was just trying to insert an example by a student into a presentation I'll be giving, and am disappointed that I can't.  :-(
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Teresa Almeida d'Eca


Subject: Re: request for help

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your interest in Oddcast and spreading the word!

There is a time limit for the amount of time our demo VHosts will speak.
 This is to prevent people from using them on their Web sites.

In your case, we really do not mind that you are using our demo Scenes,
but we cannot change the system for one specific case :(

We are going to soon have discount policies for SitePal for education
purposes.  Please check back with us at a later time. 

Best Regards,
Oddcast Support



This has been a very special day! I had two very nice CALL lessons with two of my classes and, when I got home, I had two lovely and heartwarming messages from two wonderful friends. One of them is an English teacher in Taiwan and sent a voice message with an avatar! The other teaches Portuguese at my school and sent a very enthusiastic message in Portuguese. I tanslated it with her permission. Both versions are available.

To top my day (= para acabar o dia em beleza), I just had a wonderful voice chat with Sharon, my dear friend from ???? Oh, no! That's for my students to find out in two weeks' time, when we have our next CALL lesson. And no hints from anybody. Please!!! Sharon and I are preparing a joint activity for them!

Next week I'll be at the APPI conference in Lisbon giving two presentations. One of them is about this blog.

Enjoy the messages below!




Subject: message from Aiden Yeh in Taiwan




Hello Teresa!

This is Aiden Yeh in Taiwan. I'd like to 'thank you' and your kids for giving me the inspiration in creating my own character in SitePal. Your work is truly inspirational.

I'd like to teach you and your students how to say Thank you in Chinese and Tagalo. In Chinese we say [chéchia] and in Tagalo we say [salama]. So if you could practice these two languages together, then there you go. You've learned two new languages for the day.

Goodbye and I'll see all online soon!


Subject: Re: message from Aiden Yeh in Taiwan

Dear Aiden,

"Salama" (does it have a t at the end?) / Thank you for a lovely SitePal message. I will have the students reply as soon as possible, but that maybe only in almost two weeks, because I have the APPI Conference next week and will miss the CALL lessons with both classes.
We will all try to learn the two new words and show you that you're a great teacher! What a great idea!  :-)
I'm updating the blog. It should be ready when you get up tomorrow!  ;-)

See you online soon! Hugs,



Subject: O prazer do ensino

Que prazer ver este site !

Parabéns !
O ensino assim é aliciante e todos ganham - alunos e professores !
Obrigada por mo teres indicado.
Hoje sinto que ganhei um novo alento para o ensino.
Teresa Mena de Matos

Subject: The pleasure of teaching

What a pleasure to see this site!


Teaching this way is motivating and everybody gains - students and teachers!

Thanks for having told me about it.

Today I feel that I've gained a new motivation to teach.

Teresa Mena de Matos



Subject: Re: O prazer do ensino


Querida Teresa,

You've made my day!
Que mensagem tão agradável e motivante! O meu entusiasmo aumenta com mensagens como a tua! Obrigada! 
Importas-te que a traduza e ponha as duas versões no blog? Seria um grande prazer para mim!
Bom fim-de-semana! Um beijo,

Subject: Re: The pleasure of teaching


Dear Teresa,

You've made my day!

What a pleasant and motivating message! My enthusiasm increases with messages like yours! Thank you! 

Do you mind if I translate it and put both versions in the blog? It would be a great pleasure!

Have a nice weekend! A kiss,




This is a summary of what happened in CALL lesson 3 this morning. 6F was the first class at 9:15. Verónica was at the computer. He opened the interactive map (very slow!) and everybody noticed that Ivânia posted two new entries. Then they read Luisa's entry, but it isn't easy, because her entry is very close to others. They also tried guessing Müzo's country and someone said it was Turkey when they saw the flag!

Next they went to the blog and couldn't open Rodrigo's SitePal voice message. Maybe the wireless connection wasn't fast enough!  :-(

So they read the fun activity below. I asked them to try the title activity at home, so they went directly to the second activity about the Hi Everyone message below.

I asked them to name countries where English is the mother tongue (as Portuguese is in Portugal, Brazil, etc). Answers:

America, England, Canada, Australia and South Africa. Fine!

Then I said: now think of where this person, s/he, was born and then moved to. Answers:


was born moved to hint from
America England Diogo
England America Rodrigo
South Africa Australia Diogo
Australia South Africa Mariana A.
Canada South Africa Ana Maria
South Africa America Ivânia
Australia Canada André
At this point I commented that this was like a "probability" game in Math!
Canada England Hugo
Canada Australia Joana
England Australia Rodrigo
South Africa Canada Pedro G.
Australia America Susana
England Canada Pedro G.
America Canada Bruno
I commented that it was "warm", meaning close! And then... bingo!
Canada America Rodrigo


That's when I told told them that my friend was Sharon, a woman! But I haven't told them where Sharon lives.


Then came 6G at 12:10. The procedure was the same. Luis was at the computer. He went to the map first and they all looked at the new entries, starting with Guilherme's entry. Then he went to the blog and they all listened to Guilherme's SitePal voice message twice!

Finally, we started the Hi Everyone activity. I followed the same procedure and here are the results!


was born moved to
England America
America England
Canada America  (Jaime said this one)
I kept very quiet though I said I'd tell them when they guessed!  ;-)
England Australia
America Australia
Canada South Africa
Canada England
South Africa Australia
America South Africa
Australia America
Australia Canada
At this point I said that they had already guessed the countries but I'd just give them extra clues.

This person was born in a very cold country! They almost immediately said Canada. And then this person moved to a country that is close to her native country. They didn't say the U.S. at once, because they didn't grasp the meaning of close. Whe I said near, they got it!

And that's when I said that my friend was Sharon. But again... I didn't say where she's living! ;-)

 I will probably make up a new activity, hopefully, a Treasure Hunt!




A Mystery Guest

This is a fun activity! It's also a guessing game!

There are two things you need to discover:

-- what this title means!  ;-)

-- and then read the message below and try to find out the two things that my friend and colleague asks you. Read her clues/hints (= pistas) carefully and think of the different possibilities.

Hope to hear from you soon! And so does my friend!



Subject: Hi Everyone
I am one of your English teacher's friends.  I was born in a country where English is the native language.  Then I moved to another country where English is also the native language.  Where was I born?  Where do I live now?
A big hug from someone who loves visiting Portugal.


Hi, kids!

I did some searching on the Internet this weekend and found (= encontrei) something that made me very happy. It's the description of The Spirit of Christmas email project I did with 6th graders in our school in 1998-99. It was included in Internet for English Teaching (TESOL, 2000), a book published in the USA. (Scroll down to A Primary School E-Mail Cultural Exchange to read the description.)


(Click the image for parts of other chapters)



Hi, kids!

Take a look at the comments from some of my Webhead friends about our work with SitePal. It's cool, isn't it? 

Dear Teresa (and All),
that is really impressive, especially if you think about students practising their pronunciation. thanks for the link!!!
Jarek Krajka
[Poland] (7Apr05)

..., let me show you the work of one of the brightest persons I
know...Teresa in Portugal. After I found oddcast, I thought it was
neat and informed a large ESL list about it...Almost instantly,
Teresa came back to me with work she is doing with same....
John Hibbs [Oregon, USA]  (7Apr05)

tere's example prompted me to follow her footsteps. If 5th graders could do it so can I ;-)  Creating my welcome message was fun and exciting. i loved it the most when I had to choose which lips to use... ;-)

Aiden Yeh [Taiwan]  (7Apr05)


I loved the way you adapted the sitepal to your class...
Rae [Washington, D.C., USA]  (8Apr05)


Dear Teresa,
I loved the animated voice messages you and your
students created!  I bet it was fun for you all.  Is
the program free for first-time users?
Leanne [BC, Canada]  (10Apr05)

Thanks All for your comments. My students will enjoy them for sure! 




teacher how are you? are fine?
I hope so!
well I am a day  very tired because today I wad a school day lol ( estou confusa)
well bye-bye
teresa 6G


Subject: [no subject]

Hi, Teresa!

Your promise for a message finally came true (= realizou-se). Thank you!  :-))
I'm feeling fine. Last night I had a nice dinner and a great time with good friends, so now I'm ready for a day of work at home. I'm updating our blog with all the latest messages - go and listen to Guilherme's SitePal message! - and then I will prepare our lessons for next week. And because it's a beautiful day, I will also go for a looooong walk.
Have a nice weekend and remember to try SitePal and send me a message. You have the instructions in our blog! There's no excuse (= Não há desculpas!!!  ;-)
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: from Guilherme, 6. G





Subject: Re: from Guilherme, 6. G

Dear Guilherme,

Thank you for your lovely SitePal voice message. I understood the first message in English. It's great! So... there's no need (= não é necessário) to send a second one in Portuguese, but I liked it! 
I'm so glad that you all liked SitePal. I was sure that it would be (= seria) a success. And guess what? A Webhead colleague from Taiwan tried it when she saw and heard (= viu e ouviu) Joana's and Alexandre's messages. Isn't that cool?
Have a great weekend!
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: photo story?!

Hi again, Rodrigo!

I have another suggestion for you: Why don't you try creating a simple Photo Story? You can have just the pictures or, if you want, you can include text for each picture. Or you can narrate the story, or have only background music. Isn't it great? And it's all very easy, you'll see.
Why don't you use photos from when you were a baby and tell a story? Or you can use photos from some vacation or trip that you liked.
If you make the photo story and want to send it to me for our blog, please ask your parents for permission, all right?
Guess what? On April 20 I will give another presentation about our blog - it's the third this year! - and I could show your photo story. I already have someting very recent to include: the SitePal messages. But I could have more... Think about it!  ;-)
A big kiss from your English teacher


Subject: My new look............

I'm glad you liked my new look.That program it's very very very very very very
very FUN .

Good bye and good weekend!!!!!

Rodrigo 6º F


Subject: My new look............

Dear Rodrigo,

SitePal is really great fun, because we have "two things in one": a voice message and a moving image that says our message.
Don't you think that we could send a SitePal message to Tommy, Wojtek and Agata, and another to the teachers who have sent you messages?
Have a great weekend!
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: CALL lessons again!!!

Hi, teacher!

How are you!!
It´s very good we have again Call Lessons, I like very much the call lessons of today!
I like very much the SitePal and the interactive map!!
a big kiss to the best teacher of English f your student Sara (6ºG)


Subject: Re: CALL lessons again!!!

Dear Sara,

I'm so happy that you and most of your colleagues have such a great enthusiasm for the CALL lessons. I always try to make them exciting and fun, but I never really know how you all will react.
Why don't you try creating your own image (avatar) with SitePal and record a message for me? I'll include it in our blog, of course. I'd love it!    Follow the instructions that I wrote in our blog yesterday and see how easy it is.
Have a great weekend! I'll be waiting for your voice message...
Hugs from your English teacher



Here's a very simple tutorial - basic instructions - on how to create an avatar, record a message, save it and send it.

  • Click the SitePal icon above
  • Click Try Now!


  • Choose (= escolhe) a face in Click to Select a Model


  • Click a Mouth arrow (left or right) to choose the mouth (= boca)


  • Repeat the same for Shirt (= camisa ou blusa), Hair, Shades (= óculos) and Necklace (= colar)
  • Click Record below "Options"
  • Click Record Now (You may need to install software)


  • Drag (= Arrasta) the Mic Level to + (maximum)
  • Click Record (You have 1 minute!). When you finish,
  • Click the Stop Record button
  • Click Play to listen to your message
  • Click Save (= Guardar) and give your message a name
  • Click Ok when you see "Your new audio is ready". (Now listen to your avatar/ image saying your message!)
  • Click Send It and fill in the necessary information + Ok.

You will get the link to your message by email in a few minutes.

Have fun! And don't forget to send me a message! 


Subject: You only have... GOOD IDEAS

Rodrigo was the first to send me a SitePal message. I hope that many more will follow! (Click his avatar to listen to his message.)




Subject: Re: You only have... GOOD IDEAS

Dear Rodrigo,

What a surprise! And what a sweet message! I'm glad you like my "ideas" and think that they are "good". 
I suspected that you would be (= serias) the first to send me a SitePal message. I love your new look! You 're very well dressed! SitePal is lots of fun, isn't it? And today's lesson was fun too, wasn't it?
I'm updating (= actualizar) our blog and in an hour it will be ready. Go see the link to your message and all the others! 
Have a great weekend, too!
Hugs from your English teacher


Hi, kids!

Our CALL Lesson 2 (6.F and 6.G) didn't go exactly as planned, because my Website server was down, but I think it was lots of fun, wasn't it? You really liked the surprise I prepared for you with SitePal, didn't you? (Click the avatars to listen.)



But it was even better when one student in each class - Joana in 6.F and Alexandre in 6.G - created their avatar (image), recorded their message, listened to it. Wow! What excitement! Finally, the message was saved and sent to me. And here they are for everyone to hear!


The second part of the lesson was creating entries in our FwE Interactive map. This was the first time that we were able to Post (= put an entry), wasn't it? And it was the first time that 6.G saw this map!

The names included today were Linda Wettlaufer and Dafne Gonzalez by 6.F, and Cristina Costa by 6.G.

I hope your parents can see your great work!

BTW, I sent (= mandei) my Internet teacher friends your messages. A teacher from Taiwan followed your footsteps (= seguiu as vossas pisadas) and did the same! Isn't that cool?

I will include the link to Site Pal and a simple tutorial (instructions) above.

Have a great weekend and start sending those avatar messages!!! 


Subject: SORRY



Subject: Re: SORRY

Hi, Pedro!

Are you on the Internet? So am I. I'm preparing the CALL lesson for tomorrow and updating our blog.
What message are you referring to?!
See you in class tomorrow at 8:30. It's in Sala TIC with my laptop.
Hugs from your English teacher


Subject: Re: Re: SORRY


how are you ?
im refering to message saying why i am sad in the other day
its in sala tic?
i dont no if it is
see you tomorrow, and when do you send e-mails, send them to my adress ok?


Hi, kids!

There's a surprise that I think you will enjoy at the beginning of tomorrow's CALL lesson. Aren't you curious??!! I hope so! 

See you all in class tomorrow at 8:30 with 6.F and at 12:10 with 6.G!




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