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Happy Halloween

Hi, kids!


and see the Halloween e-card I sent you just now. Enjoy!

Your teacher and friend.



Hi, kids!

Take a look at The Learning Edge site. It's a simulated newspaper with clickable articles at two different levels of difficulty, listening exercises and activities. A friend of mine just told me about it!

Improve your English while pretending you're reading a real newspaper! Enjoy!  



Subject: Hello teacher!

Hello teacher!
I'm rodrigo... do you remember me?
i'm sending you a nice mail,take a look, it's very fun...put it in the
i hope you like... send me the answer
Good luck.

Três bruxas olham para três relógios swatch. Qual bruxa olha para
qual relógio swatch?

E agora em inglês:

Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watches which
Swatch watch?

Agora para especialistas:

Três bruxas suecas e transsexuais olham para os botões de três relógios
swatch suíços. Qual bruxa sueca transsexual olha para qual botão de
qual relógio swatch suíço?

E em inglês:

Three Swedish switched witches watch three Swiss Swatch watch switches.
Which Swedish switched witch watch which Swiss Swatch watch switch?

Is it nice? ;-)
Bye bye
                              rodrigo s


Subject: Re: Hello teacher!

Hi, Rodrigo!

Need I say that I will "never" forget you? You were a very special student! And I hope we will be friends forever! 
I've seen you at school a few times, but I still don't know how things are going. Do you like your new class, colleagues and teachers? Which subject do you like best?
I've seen this message about the witches, but I have no idea what the answer is. Why don't you tell me??!!    BTW, I'll be updating the blog page (new address) in a few minutes with your complete message.
Well, I hope you take a look at the book I suggested,  The Blue Shoe by Peter Reynolds, and tell me what you think. He has other very nice books.
Hope to see you tomorrow. I'll be in BE/CRE all morning.
Hugs from your teacher and friend


Subject: Re: Re: Hello teacher!

Hello teacher!
Yes I like my new friends and my new teachers... my favorite subject is
french... I had 96 % on the test!!!
In English I had 94% ..... aren't good tests?

           Hugs, Rodrigo


Subject: Re: Re: Hello teacher!


Félicitations pour le 96% en Français!! Très bien!!! 
And kudos to you for the 94% in the English test! You learned a lot. Guess what? A good student and a good teacher is a powerful mix!! 
Are you betraying me (= atraiçoar-me)??!! Wasn't English your favorite subject?
BTW, the other day, in a chat with English teachers in a course I was co-moderating, I showed the video you sent me in the last week of school. Question they asked: "Did he learn all that in class?" "Of course, he did!" was my instant answer. They were amazed. And then I said: "He was an A student!"
Go see me at BE/CRE tomorrow, will you?



Subject: your visit

Dear Ana Maria,

I'd like to "thank you" for visiting me at school on Tuesday afternoon. It was wonderful to see you again, talk with you and see how happy you are in your new school. And also to confirm that you are very happy here in Portugal.
It was also nice to have some of your colleagues from last year come and join us for a couple of minutes: Pedro G. and Pedro L.
Remember that little student of mine - another Pedro, from 5.D - who loved it when I asked him if I was a bit crazy in class, and he said: "Yes, a little!". Well, yesterday, after he finished his test, he asked he if could draw. Then he gave me his drawing. He said: "This is a crazy drawing, because you say you are crazy!"  :-))
Say "hello" to all my ex-students at Madorna and do visit me again!
A big kiss from your English teacher and friend
Teresa Almeida d'Eça



Subject: Hello

It´s very funny!

I like my new school, I like the teachers, and I love my collegues!

My teachers are nice!...Very nice!

Tuesday I will try to go to school, OK? At 4.30.

Yesterday, I saw the music teacher,and the portuguese teacher.

The sunflower, is my favourite flower. Because it is always with the face to sun, I think it has the face black because the sun burn (queimou) it face.

         Of corse they are enjoing English, with a great teacher like you...

See you later!




Subject: Re: Hello

Ana Maria,

I'll be at school at 4:30 waiting for you. Do you have classes in the afternoon?
I'm very glad that you're enjoying everything about your new school. And... thank you for the compliment. 
Nice weekend!
Hugs from your teacher and friend



Subject: [none]

Hi teacher!

I have no much time to send you messages, because I have a lot of homeworks, every days!

I was at my ex-school or the school where you teach, many days , but you never where there!

Can you «tell» me when you are available, please?I feel longing.

When you were born,you cryed(chorou)

And everyone laught.

Do your life by a manner, that when the moment reach,

You are smiling, and the oders,crying.




Quando você nasceu, chorou

E todos à sua volta riam

Faça a sua vida de tal maneira, que quando o momento chegar,

Você está a sorrir, e os outros, choram.


I saw your comments!Congratulations!



Subject: Re: [none]

Dear Ana Maria,

How nice to hear from you! 
How is your schoolwork going? Are you enjoying your new school, colleagues and teachers?
I have three 5th grade classes. They're very nice and I think they're enjoying English. But there is no blog yet!
I'm at school every morning from 8.30 till one 0'clock and on Tuesday afternoons till 4.30. I'm sorry to have missed you! Did you see any of your other teachers? I also miss my students and the fabulous work we did.
I like the poem that you sent (yours?) and the sunflower. Thank you!
Hope to see you soon!
Hugs from your teacher and friend




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