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i'm starving!




I asked my 7th grade students to write a short dialogue using three useful phrases (underlined) as well as vocabulary and structures learned and/or revised.

Here are some of the end results (with a minimum of corrections):






Zuleica and Miguel are playing in the park. It's time to lunch and Zuleica is starving.

Near the park is the McDonald's. Zuleica has an idea:


-- Hey, Miguel, it's time to lunch and I'm starving. Come on and lunch at McDonald's.

-- Great! I'm starving, too! Where is the McDonald's?

-- It's over there.


They arrive there and go to the counter. A nice waiter speak with they.

-- Good morning.

-- Good morning. I want a McChicken and my friend want a Big Mac.

-- Yes. And what would you like to drink?

-- Two cokes, please.

-- Ok. It's £50.

-- So much?! It's very expensive!


They pay the food and go to the park to lunch.

-- Help yourself to burgers!

-- Thanks.


They finish lunch and go play again.

Zuleica and Miguel (7. A)




João: OK. It's lunchtime!

André: Great! I'm starving!

João: Help yourself to sandwiches.

André: How many choices of sandwiches are there? Is there any tuna sandwich?

João: No, there isn't.

André: Are there any egg sandwiches?

João: Yes, there are three.

André: Keep one for me.


Later. . .

João: It's time to work again.

André: Oh, no! My stomach! I can't work!

João: Nice try, André. Let's go to work.

André: Oh, no!

André and João Luís (7. A)



Márcio: Do you want to go to the cinema?

Roberto: Oh, yes. That's great! How do we go?

Márcio: With my mother.


When they arrived at the cinema. . .

Roberto: I'm starving!

Márcio: Do you want to go to the KFC?


At KFC. . .

Márcio: We want chips and nuggets.


When the chips and nuggets arrived. .

Roberto: Help yourself to nuggets!

Márcio and Roberto (7. A)


John: It's time to eat.

Peter: Great! I'm starving! Can I be first? I'm more starving.

John: All right, but I want to eat, too! Help yourself to chicken.

João Pité and Pedro (7. A)






Cláudia: It's time to have lunch. Are you hungry?

Mariana: I'm starving. What's the lunch?

Cláudia: It's chips and chicken.

Mariana: Great!

Cláudia: Do you like orange juice?

Mariana: Yes, I love it!

Cláudia: And would you like ice cream?

Mariana: Sure. What sort do you have?

Cláudia: Chocolate and strawberries.

Mariana: I'd like chocolate.

Cláudia and Mariana (7. C)






Hulda: Hello, Eugénia!

Eugénia: Hello, Hulda!

Hulda: Have you got anything to eat?

Eugénia: Yes, I have.

Hulda: Great! I'm starving!

Eugénia: OK. You have sandwiches: chicken, tuna or cheese and tomato. Help yourself.

Hulda: I want everything.

Eugénia: Well, hurry up, because it's time to start my work.

Later. . .

Eugénia: Oh, no! You ate everything. My lunch, my tea, my dinner. . .

Hulda: I'm sorry!

Eugénia: It's OK!

Hulda and Eugénia (7. C)




Kevin: Daddy! I want to eat something.

Father: Mum is cooking dinner.

Kevin: But I'm starving!!!

Father: Wait a few minutes.

Kevin: OK! By the way. . . what is dinner?

Father: It's a secret.

Later. . .

Mother: It's time to have dinner! Let's go!

Kevin: Great! And now, can I know what is dinner?

Mother: Of course. It's boiled fish and potatoes.

Kevin: Oh, no! I hate boiled fish.

Father: Help yourself!

Kevin: There is no need! I'm not hungry anymore!

Jing Lou and Joana (7. C)














André: Hello, Lin! How are you?

Lin: I'm fine, thank you. Welcome to my home!

André: What time is it now?

Lin: It's half past twelve. Oh, it's time to have lunch. Are you hungry?

André: Yes, I'm very hungry and thirsty. What about you?

Lin: I'm hungry, but I'm not very thirsty. Would you like a sandwich?

André: Great! I'm starving!

Lin: Help yourself to sandwiches.

André: Thank you.

Lin: Would you like something to drink?

André: Yes, I would.

Lin: Do you like tea?

André: Yes, I do. I like Chinese tea very much.

Lin Peipei and André (7. C)



Cláudia: It's time to have lunch.

Ariana: I'm starving!!! What are you going to eat, Sandra?

Sandra: I'm going to eat pizza.

Ariana: Great!! May I have lunch with you?

Sandra: Why?

Ariana: Because my lunch is terrible.

Sandra: What is it?

Ariana: It's fish, potatoes and beans.

Sandra: Oh, it's terrible. OK. Come with me.

Ariana and Sandra (7. C)







Sara: OK! It's time to have lunch.

Dina: Great!

Sara: I'm starving.

Dina: What is lunch?

Sara: Oh. . . lunch is. . . well. . . it's fish and salad!

Dina: Oh, I'm not hungry.

Sara: OK, I have some sandwiches with chicken, tuna and cheese! If you aren't hungry, I'll eat everything.

Dina: Oh, no. . . I'm hungry!

Sara: Oh, I know. . .

Dina and Sara (7. C)




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