7th grade english (3rd year EFL)




A pair dialogue


Choose a situation:

at a class party

at a picnic

after school at your house

and offer your partner/friend things to eat and drink.




Jack, Mary and Wendy are at a class party. Wendy is in love with Jack. Jack doesn't like her, he likes Mary. Wendy talks with Jack.

Wendy: Would you like something to drink? There's coke, punch. . . I'll get one for you.

Jack: No, thanks.

Mary: Jack, would you like dance with me?

Jack: Yes, it's a pleasure.

They are going to dance and Wendy is jealous. But she doesn't give up.

Wendy: Jack, would you like something to eat?

Jack: Don't bore me.

Jack invites Mary to see the moon. They are in love and Wendy is a loser!!!

Miguel, Zuleica and Márcio (7. A)


Ana: Would you like a milkshake?

Bárbara: Yes, please. What sort of shakes do you have?

Ana: There is banana, strawberry, milk and chocolate.

Bárbara: I'd like a chocolate shake, please.

Ana: Would you like something to eat?

Bárbara: Yes, I'd like  a mixed sandwich, please.

Ana and Bárbara (7. B)


At a class party

Peipei: Hello!

André: Hello, Lin. How are you?

Peipei: I'm fine, thank you.

André: So you come to the party. Great! Let's go.

Later. . .

André: Are you hungry?

Peipei: A little, but I am thirsty.

André: Would you like something to drink?

Peipei: Yes, please. What is there?

André: We have coke, orange juice, milkand ice tea.

Peipei: Do you have water?

André: Yes, we have water.

Peipei: I'd like water, please.

André: Ok. Help yourself to water.

Peipei: Thank you verymuch. And is there something to eat?

André: Yes, there are.

Peipei: And what is there?

André: There are pizza, cake, biscuits and bread.

Peipei: I'd like cake, please.

André: Would you like some fruit?

Peipei: I'd like pear, please. Do you have pear?

André: Sorry, there aren't any. But there are apples, bananas, oranges, peaches and strawberries.

Peipei: I'd like an apple, please!

Peipei and André (7. C)


Jing: We are going to have a class party at Friday.

Joana: Oh, really? What time is it?

Jing: It's at 8 o'clock. Don't miss it!

On Friday. . .

Joana: Hi, how are you?

Jing: Hello! I'm fine. Are you enjoying the party?

Joana: Yes, I am. It's fantastic!

Jing: Are you hungry?

Joana: Yes. What is there to eat and drink?

Jing: Come and take a look.

Later. . .

Joana: The party was great, wasn't it?

Jing: Yes. I had a lot of fun.

Jing and Joana (7. C)


A party: after school at Sónia's house. . .

Sónia: Hello! Welcome to my party. Help yourself!

Nuno: Hello! Who comes to the party?

Sónia: Our friends.

Nuno: Who?

Sónia: Diogo, André, João, Mónica, Sara, Bárbara, Inês, Ana. . .

Nuno: Cool!!!

Later. . .

Nuno: The party is cool!!!

Sónia: Thanks. Are you going dance?

Nuno: No, thanks. I'm going for home.

Sónia: Why?

Nuno: Because it's late!

Sónia: OK. See you tomorrow.

Nuno: Bye-bye, Sónia!

Sónia and Nuno (7. B)


A swimming-pool party

André: Hey, João, pass me the cake.

João: Watch out with your heads! Here goes the cake!

André: Thanks, but don't throw anything more or you will kill someone.

João: Ok. But anything you want, just ask.

André: Hey, where's the coke?

João: I don't know. Wait! There's the coke! It's in the pool.

André: Oh, no! I'm thirsty! Who will give me the coke? I will give a piece of cake for who gave me the coke.

João: I'll get it. Here I go! SPLASHHH! The water is great!

André and João Luis (7. B)


Pris: Would you like to go to my house? We can study together!

Louise: OK. I need to study.

Later. . .

Louise: Oh, your bedroom is very beautiful!

Pris: Thanks. I like it, too.

Louise: Oh! Look at this game. . . Let's play a game!

Pris: OK. But aren't we going to study?

Louise: No, we are going to play!

Pris: OK. But after that we are going to study!

Louise: Well. . . is that true?

Pris: Yes, it is.

Louise: OK, then. Let's study later. Now we are going to paly the game.

Louise and Pris (7. C)


Knock, knock!

Hulda: Hi!

Eugénia: Hi!

Hulda: May I come in?

Eugénia: Yes, of course!

Hulda: I come to study with you. For the school work.

Eugénia: Oh, yes! I forgot. But before let's have a quick meal!

Hulda: I don't want to eat nothing.

Eugénia: Of course you want! I insist! What would you like to eat? I have cookies, bread, crisps, cake, apples, doughnuts, bananas. . .

Hulda: I'd like cookies.

Eugénia: And what would you like to drink? I have milk, coke, orange juice, melon juice, Fanta and 7Up.

Hulda: I'd like orange juice.

Eugénia: Would you like some ice cream? I have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. . .

Hulda: I don't want to eat ice cream. Now, stop offering food and let's stufy.

Eugénia: Ok.

Eugénia and Hulda (7. C)


A picnic

In the morning

Ariana: Hello, Sandra. How are you?

Sandra: I'm fine. And you?

Ariana: I'm fine, too. I was thinking of doing a picnic to celebrate Carnival.

Sandra: Yes, good idea, but we have to invite some friends.

Ariana: Ok. That's fine.

Sandra: Why we don't invite Ana Cláudia and Mariana?

Ariana: Good idea. I'm going to talk to them.

Sandra: And I'm going to do the lunch.

Ariana: Ok.

Later. . .

Ariana: Give me a tuna sandwich, please.

Sandra: Take the sandwich and some orange juice.

Ariana: This food is very good. Thank you, Sandra.

Ariana and Sandra (7. C)


Sara: Let's go on a picnic.

Dina: Ok. let's go. I love picnics!

Sara: What would you like to eat?

Dina: Oh, I'd like everything.

Sara: Would you like sandwiches, too?

Dina: Sure

Sara: Ok. Let's go.

Later. . .

Dina: What sort of sandwiches have you got?

Sara: I have chicken, tuna, cheese and tomato.

Dina: Oh, I want. . . oh. . . let me think. . . I'd like cheese.

Sara: Ok. There you go. I'm going to eat a chicken sandwich.

Later. . .

Dina: It's time to go home. Come on!

Sara: Ok, Ok. I'm going.

Sara and Dina (7. C)



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