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What is a Blog (or a  Weblog)?

A blog is an online diary or log.


What is "let's blog!"?

It is a two-way () communication tool: from me to you and from you to me.

It is our way of talking in English outside of class.

It is a fun way for you to practice English away from school.

Everything you send me will be on this page!

Our blog will include fun and interesting activities, readings and exercises from the Internet that you can do at home when you feel like it (= quando te apetecer). You can also send me your suggestions of activities! I will publish them on this page.

So. . . when you have a suggestion, or something you would like to tell us, please click on the email icon on the right (the bottle). Don't forget to start your message with "Hello" or "Hi" and to include your name and class (7A, 7B, 7C) at the end! I will not publish anonymous messages!

Remember: We are in this together!

With your participation, this blog can be great fun!

Send in you first message right away and I will put it on this page immediately!


Let's blog!







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first activity:

'Decode' my message!

Find the "mystery words" behind the symbols (top left)!

The first student to send me a message with the correct words

will get a prize next class! Get to work!! Hurry up!!!

Here's the presentation I gave on Let's blog! at the TESOL 2004 Conference in Long Beach, California, on 2 April 2004.



Friends make a difference, or the effects of a long lasting and great Teacher-Student friendship!

Let me show you some messages I exchanged with from three former students from our school.


Subject: Why Dutch?

Hello Teacher, How are you?

I hope that everything is OK!
Teacher I have to ask you a favor....
Why English people say Holand to refer the country but Dutch, about people?
It's my english homework, and I can find any info about that!
So, I hope that you could light me up about that!!! :)
Today (Saturday) I'll go to BTL (bolsa de turismo de lisboa), so if you go there, say something!
Kisses and hugs from me, Ana Teresa and Filipa


Subject: Re: Why Dutch?

Dear former students and Friends,

I haven't got a clue about it! I always took it for granted!!!  :-)
However, I'm doing a few searches and will send you any links that may be useful.
I'm really happy that you contacted me for help.  :-)
Teresa Almeida d'Eça
P.S. - May I put this up on the Blog7 page as a very healthy example of Teacher-Student  contact?


An hour later. . .


Subject: Why Dutch? A possible answer

Dear Bernardo, Ana Teresa and Filipa,

I think I have found the answer. Take a look at this encyclopedia entry!
Let me know if this enough. Don't forget to click on the links.
I won't be at BTL. I'm doing an online training workshop and will be extremely busy for 6 weeks!
Beijinhos to the three of you,
Teresa Almeida d'Eça


Subject: Re: Why Dutch? A possible answer

Dear Teacher

Thank you, really thank you, that website helped us a lot!

I wish very good luck for your workshop and of course that you can use this conctact in your blog!

Kisses and hugs from your students

Bernardo, Teresa and Filipa


Subject: Re: Why Dutch? A possible answer

Dear Bernardo, Ana Teresa and Filipa,

I'm very glad that the site was useful! Hurrah for the Internet!!!
I will certainly update Blog7
with these messages we have exchanged. It will show my students from last year that they can ask for help and I will do everything to help them.
Why don't you send them a message and motivate them to send messages and interact?
Hugs and kisses from you former teacher and friend,
Teresa Almeida d'Eça


Here is a message from Bernardo sent to all my former students who may still read this blog! I hope that some of you still come and take an occasional look. If so, why not follow Bernardo's advice? And why not send him a message through me? I will post it here!


Subject: About blog...

The Blog is a very useful way of communication, because we can get help from there for our especial needs....

And that happened to me a week ago with this blog (Profª Teresa was my teacher 3 years ago), because I had a question about Dutch people...
The next day, while I was checking my e-mail, voilá, it was there! The answer I needed for my work....
So kids, use the blog, not just for fun, also to learn and cooperate!
(Do you think that's ok?)
kisses Bernardo


Subject: Re: About blog...

Hi, Bernardo!

Thanks for this very useful piece of advice to colleagues of yours. "Learning and cooperating" are certainly two basic ideas that we all - students and teachers - need to keep in mind.
As you see, Bernardo, nobody has sent any messages for quite some time.     But your message from last weekend and this one will soon be up on the page. 
Have a great weekend!
A kiss from your good friend to you, Filipa and Ana Teresa,
Teresa Almeida d'Eça


Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true.

Hope you will send in more messages this year. I'm still waiting for that chat. You only need to say the date and time.

Heath, peace and happiness,

Your 7th grade English teacher,

Teresa Almeida d'Eça



Hi everyone!

It's Christmas time again! Time does fly, doesn't it?

Did you know that 2004 is a leap year? This means that it will have 366 days and there will be twenty-nine days in February. Does it also mean one more day of school?!

What will you be doing over the holidays? Staying at home? Travelling? How will you celebrate Christmas? What about New Year's Eve?

Why don't you send a message and tell us about your plans?

I wish you  all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




Subject: hello

hi teacher...I´m sorry but i´m don´t writte any more because i don´t go very much to see my e-mail.
How are you?i like very much my inglish teacher.
bey bey

catarina menezes


Re: hello
Hi, Catarina!
How nice to hear from you again!
Why don't you see email so much any more? Please do and send a message now and then, all right?
I'm glad you like your English teacher. BTW, how is English going this year? If ou need any extra help, count on me!
Let's see if we can chat one of these days!
A kiss,
Teresa Almeida d'Eça


Subject: The blog is carry on......or not?

I am sorry for writting so late but I have to say that it is not my fault...

I had asked to Ana Carolina to talk with 8ºA but she was always forgeting, then we enter to the exams' epoch and I forgot to insiste with her...
But, two days ago she told me that she had talked with her colleagues(aleluia). They say that they don't want to continue with the blog =(.
This afternoon, Cláudia and I saw Alexandre (he was in our class on 5th and 6th grades, now he is in 8ºB) and we asked him to talk with his colleagues. He told us that he will do that...(we hope so).
And, I have to tell you that: I have not talked with my classe! I know that is crime and is absolutely MY FAULT! I will talk with them the soon as I can, I promise you!
Well, there isn't just bad news. I have already received two tests (geography and mathematics) and I have M.Bom just like Jing and Lin. Ana Cláudia and Mariana I'm not sure but I know that they have good grades.
We've already done our English test... It was so EEEEAAAASSSSSYYYYY!!!!! Maybe it's because it's the first test of the year. But I'm sure that I will have a great grade(I hope that this sentence would not sound a little vain!). Have I told you that you were right? Our English teacher is very nice and a good teacher but I don't like her pronunciation (I don't know why) but I'm learning the maximum that I can.
I have nothing more to say, except one thing: How are your classes with the students of the 5th grade?
Best wishes from


Re: The blog is carry on......or not?

Dear Joana,

It was very nice to talk to you and Ana Cláudia earlier today at school.
Of course the blog is on! But I need some of you to help me keep it going. You know, we don't need a lot of people. If we have about a dozen regular participants, who will send a short message regularly on anything they feel like, we'll keep in touch and keep our project going at the same time. I'd love that! And don't forget to talk to your class - I'm sure your English teacher will give you a few minutes.
And. . . we still have to plan when our first chat will be. Why don't you think about it as soon as your tests are over?
Congrats on your results!  What else could I expect?
My classes are going great and I think my students are enjoying them. Next week we start using computers for English, but they don't know yet. It's going to be a surprise!
Hope to hear from you very soon. And try to get your friends to write! I miss you all!
A kiss,
Teresa Almeida d'Eça


Hi everyone!

I've been going over papers and found a leaflet (= panfleto) about the Portuguese Museum of Bread that I visited with my family during the summer holidays. It's in Serra da Estrela, quite close to Seia. It's interesting to visit and the restaurant/bar has a veranda with a fabulous view of the valley.

Click on the link above and take a virtual visit of the museum. If you want to see me and my younger son, Miguel, buying a "broa" at the Traditional Grocer's Shop - I'm "so young" that I remember a very similar grocer's shop in Parede! - click here. Weren't those nice looking grocer's shops? Visiting it brought back good memories of my childhood!

Enjoy! And let me know your impressions!




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