Welcome to the Illinois Homeland Security PTAC Recorded Archive Presentation.

The Presentation was made live on April 5, 2007 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM from the College of DuPage's PTAC offices via a wireless Internet connection.  The College of DuPage's Internet connection was down for maintenance that morning requiring us to use a Sprint high speed card on a laptop as a backup.  Also, one of the remote attendees had Internet connection problems and joined the session using a low speed dial-up connection and was able to view all the features of the technology and communicate in voice over the Internet and text chat.  There were a total of 16 online participants.  The link to the archived recording of this session is below and you can play the recording and experience the technology's features as listed below:.

  • See the PowerPoint slide presentation
  • Hear Rita's narrative of each slide through your computer speaker
  • View the Q & A session at the end by text chat and some voice over the Internet comments

The entire recording is available online at: www.digibridge.net/dceo/hsptac-gsa.htm

Download the remote audience's survey on their feedback from this webcast

PLEASE NOTE:  Depending on your computer's online security setting you may get a popup "blocking content" requiring you to allow the block content before it loads on to your browser.  You can only play this recording using a Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser.  It was recorded using a Microsoft Media Player feature and only works with an IE Browser.

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Digital Workforce Education Society
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