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Boot Camp Grounds

Danny K. Davis Job Center Grand Opening

  • The Cook County Boot Camp is located on a 10.2 acre complex at 2801 South Rockwell Avenue in Chicago Illinois.

  • The one-year program consists of 18 weeks of intensive military training and an eight–month supervised post–release program.

  • The inmates live in platoon–style dormitories with 48 inmates per platoon.

  • There are a total of 10 buildings on the compound that include an educational and vocational building, a gymnasium, intake dormitory and services, gatehouse and administration, cafeteria and four dormitories.

  • Educational services are a major emphasis in the Boot Camp curriculum and include pre–GED and GED services.

  • Fundamental vocational classes are offered designed to enhance employment opportunities upon graduation.

  • Substance abuse programming will involve both group and individual treatment and counseling.

  • Download the statistics on Boot Camp Program's success here. Boot Camp Stats, click here.

Since the opening of the Boot Camp, six thousand seven (6,007) individuals have been received. Six hundred forty-six (646) individuals have been removed previous to the completion of the eighteen-week incarceration phase.

 One hundred thirty-two (132) platoons or five thousand two hundred twenty-seven (5,227) individuals have completed the eighteen-week incarceration phase.  Of these one hundred thirty-two, one hundred twenty-two (122) have completed the entire one-year program. 

 The following numbers are based upon those ten (10) platoons that have completed the eighteen-week incarceration phase, but not the entire one-year program.  



Failure to Comply with the Rules of Post Release or AWOL

27 (6%)

Pending judicial disposition for failure to abide by all rules of post release

19 (4%)

Sentenced for a new crime while on post release

14 (3%)


377/115 (31%)


The following numbers are based upon those one hundred twenty-two (122) platoons that have completed the entire one (1) year Boot Camp program.



Failure to comply with the rules of post release or AWOL

424 (9%)

Sentenced for a new crime while on post release

864 (18%)


3,503/1,557 (45%)

Successfully completed one year

3,503 (73%)


Recidivism Rates

One hundred twenty-two (122) platoons have completed the one year program with three thousand five hundred seventy (3,503) successful completions.

One hundred-four (104) platoons are now two years removed from the program with two thousand seven hundred fifty-one (2,751) individuals out of a total of two thousand nine hundred sixty-three (2,963) remaining incarceration-free.

Ninety-two (92) platoons three years removed from the program have two thousand one hundred ninety-five (2,195) of two thousand four hundred forty-five (2,445) individuals not being reincarcerated.


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